This time of year has so many advantages. Aside from looking forward to changing weather and colors, we can also look forward to the holidays. In the makeup world, it is also the time of year that MAC promotes their holiday brush sets. Each year as it gets close to the holidays, MAC will advertise their fabulous brushes that are second to none. If you’re looking to finally invest in some great makeup brushes, then you should wait until these sets come out because you can buy five medium-sized brushes for $50, as opposed to one single brush for like $35-$45. The holiday collection is a great deal if you’re looking to obtain some quality brushes.

Nonetheless, I would never recommend that a person just go and buy brushes that you don’t know how to use. However, there are 8 primary brushes that everyone should have in their possession when you first start investing in quality brushes. Here are my top 8 makeup brushes that I think every woman should have in their makeup bag:

1) I’m going to start with the order that I do my makeup. The very first brush you need if you wear foundation is a foundation brush. The foundation brush is flat and synthetic. That’s important because you shouldn’t use a natural-haired brush to apply foundation. Some do, but I prefer synthetic brushes for my foundation.  Synthetic brushes are easier to clean liquids and creams.

2) The next brush is your concealer brush. Its a smaller version of the foundation brush. It’s necessary because it’s perfect for applying concealer in very small concentrated areas on the face.  Because it is used to apply liquids and creams, it also needs to be synthetic.

3) I’m actually going to group the blush brush and contour brush together even though they do two different things. Keep in mind that they are used to go in the cheek area so they are somewhat similar. The blush brush is a smaller version of the powder brush, which will be discussed a little later. However, it is a smaller round brush, whereas the contour brush is slanted and hits your jawbone just right. You will need both of these brushes eventually. Still, start with the blush brush before you run and get your contour brush.

4) The eye liner brush is small and narrow and sometimes angled. Whether you’re shooting for a smokey-eye or you or a winged-eye, the right eyeliner brush can help you accomplish that.

5) There are two eye shadow brushes that every girl needs to give a polished eye shadow look. The first is the flat small eye shadow brush. The most popular one is MAC’s #239 brush that is your basic eye shadow brush. The second is the crease, or blending brush, that allows you to blend your shadow or apply directly in the crease for a more flawless look!

6) The lipstick brush is so much better for your lips than jut applying lipstick directly to your lips. When you use a lipstick brush, the lipstick goes on so much more smoothly than the regular way. Invest in a lipstick brush and use it liberally and see the difference.

7) A Kabuki brush is a short fluffy brush used to fluff or powder your face. Just that simple. It actually does the same as the powder brush, but it’s better to carry in your purse than a regular powder brush.

8) Finally, the powder brush is the final brush that you should use on your face. It gets all excess powder or makeup off of your face. It sets your makeup when you’re finally finished applying. It’s the icing on the cake for makeup application. It’s usually a long, fat, fluffy natural-haired brush.

I hope this comprehensive list helps you when you decide to finally go purchase new makeup brushes. Good luck to you and catch The Ponch Line. If you agree or disagree, feel free to comment below.

2015-01-28 10.31.53

Since the onset of Fall, I realized that it was time for me to get my lipstick game ready for the new season.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing something I love to do: shopping for lipstick at my two favorite drug stores. Yes, my name is Ponch and I shop at CVS & Walgreen’s for lipstick deals.  Please don’t judge me!

Even though I sell my own brand of lipstick for a living, I wear all kinds because I consider myself a true lover of makeup. Therefore, I will try anything from Maybelline to M.A.C.  I truly believe that when you love makeup the way that I do, you will try it all.  When it comes to buying lipstick, I love to try all the brands because they all offer different variations of the same thing.

Lipstick isn’t like foundation where you have to know your skin type and color complexion.  When shopping for lipstick, all you really need to look for are color and cost.  Since it’s just lipstick, I don’t think it’s necessary to go to MAC and purchase a $15 tube of lipstick when I can find it’s color equivalent for $7.99 at CVS or Walgreen’s and sometimes get two for the price of one when they have buy 1 get 1 for 1/2 price deals! Then, I can get two lipsticks for the same cost that the typical MAC shopper would pay for one.  Once I use my EXTRA BUCKS from CVS and my beauty coupons, I usually get them for less than that! That’s what I call winning!  I would like to share my great Fall lipstick finds all for less than $10 at Walgreen’s this past weekend.

The Nudes & Browns

Loreal -$9.99

Nude Ballet

Caramel Solo

Plum Adagio

Loreal Colour Rich Collection-$8.99 (But I got mine for $6.99 on sale :)

Julianne’s Nude

Jennifer’s Nude

Eva’s Nude

Burgurndy’s & Reds


Black Cherry

Bronze Beauty

Zoe’s Red (Loreal)

Hey, I’m back in full effect! I know it has been a minute since my last blog post, but I’ve been so busy living and trying to be fabulous that I almost forgot about my blog.  I know, I know! That’s no excuse, right?  Well, I know it looks bad because I haven’t blogged in nearly 9 months and that’s just awful.  However, the wonderful thing about being gone so long is that you discover plenty of great things to add to your blog.

The really great thing about disappearing sometimes is that you have a chance to step back and come back renewed and refreshed.  You’re able to see things clearly and through fresh eyes.  That is exactly how I feel right now.  As a result, my blog will benefit from the time lapse.  Therefore, I have a few bright ideas that I can’t wait to share with my subscribers.

The past few months I have been trying to finish my new eBook that should be ready for print by the end of the year.  Next, I will be introducing a fun new lipstick app that will be found in the Apple Store and introduced Summer 2016.  As you can read, I’ve been busy!

As for this blog, I have some really cool additions that I can’t wait to share.  I’ve created a few new pages on the blog for your pleasure and entertainment such as, “Reviews”, “Inspiration”, and “Beauty Professionals”.  I can’t wait to connect with many of you to obtain feedback about these additions.  I think you will enjoy the topics and the wonderful individuals that inspired these pages.

Thank you to all of my readers who have stuck around even through these lean nine months! It won’t happen again.  I promise! Thank you for your patience while I continually try to improve this blog.

Buckle up for this ride because I plan to make it a fun one…



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So, after the rehearsal video was posted on Youtube, I received quite a few inquiries about a certain single female in the Faces of Beauty Extravaganza. Although all of the participants in the auction are very attractive, one in particular sparked some interest because she was a new, fresh face. I recently caught up with Kia Briggs and asked her to introduce herself to East Texans. Here’s what she wants you to know about her…..

Ponch: So, you’re going to be participating in the Faces of Beauty Extravaganza on Saturday, December 20. Are you excited?

Kia: Im really excited and its an awesome cause.

Ponch: Since you’re a newcomer to East Texas, why don’t you tell us who you really are and where you’re from.

Kia: My name is Kia Briggs I’m originally form Detroit , Mi but I moved here from Atlanta.

Ponch: How did you end up in Texas?

Kia: My son accepted a scholarship from Southern Methodist University and I decided I was ready for a change.

Ponch: Have you ever done any modeling or an event such as this one?

Kia: I’ve played around with a little modeling but I’ve never participated in an event like this.

Ponch: So, what do you do for a living?

Kia: I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Ponch: So, what do you look for in a mate?

Kia: Of course he must love life, having fun and being around great people.

Ponch: You’re a beautiful woman. Why do you think you’re still single?

Kia: OMG…. I ask myself all the time and so does my mother I think she has a bigger problem with me being single than I do (laughing) I really believe that the Lord has a perfect mate for me and when its time it’ll happen.

Ponch: What does a guy have to do to get your attention?

Kia: A guy would have to make me laugh, not take himself to seriously to get my attention, and oh yea he must have a job and a car!!! lol

Ponch: Do you think a woman should ask a guy out?

Kia: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a woman asking a man out times have changed I was told a closed mouth don’t get fed, personally I’ve never done it. I’m a little shy and kind of old fashioned I like the guy to make the first move.

Ponch: What did you think of the guys at rehearsal?

Kia: I thought all the men at the rehearsal were handsome in their own way it was so much to choose from. I love to have a variety!

Ponch: How do you feel about the issue of domestic violence?

Kia: Domestic violence is a crime that is overlooked way to often. It has affected so many people directly or indirectly at least once in their lives. That’s why I’m honored to be a part of this event to raise awareness and have a voice for women who are afraid or unable to speak because they are no longer with us.

Ponch: So, what’s next for you, Ms. Briggs?

Kia: Right now I’m focusing on building my business and making sure my son finishes school.

To meet this beautiful young woman and learn more, you must attend the Faces of Beauty Extravaganza on Saturday, December 20, at Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview, Texas.

If you didn’t catch the Youtube Sneak Peak, check it out now! Go to


Last year’s event was great.  Marcus Love, a local radio personality was the dj for the Faces of Beauty Extravaganza, but this year we have a newbie on the 1’s & 2’s.  That newcomer is none other than DJ Demarcus Sharp who is turning out to be a force to be reckoned with in the party arena.  When I started looking for a dj, I sent out a blanket Facebook bid request.  He was the first to respond.

Even though he was fresh on the scene, I had a good feeling about him.

I caught up with him recently to discuss what we can expect at the 2nd Annual Faces of Beauty Extravaganza on December 20 at Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview, Texas.  Here’s what he had to say:

Ponch: How long have you been a dj?

Dj Sharp: I’ve been a DJ for 1.5 years.

Ponch: Wow, but you’ve been doing a lot of parties lately!  Are you excited about doing the Faces of Beauty Extravaganza?

Dj Sharp: I’m extremely excited about the Faces of Beauty Extravaganza. Great name by the way, but the cause for the event is more impressive. I’m a Longview native and I don’t remember many events in East Texas that brought awareness to Domestic Violence but also included a fun, positive environment to do so. This event doesn’t point fingers at the victims of domestic violence, but it puts that person in a room full of supporters. Sometimes all you need is a little confidence to get over your past or current situation.

Ponch: You attended with your wife last year?  Did you and your wife enjoy the show?

Dj Sharp: My wife and I had a great time. We enjoyed the show and the emcee, Brandis Jamerson, had me at the edge of my seat the entire time.

Ponch: How do you think you will add to the event this year versus how it was last year?

DJ Sharp: The event last year had a nice flow but as the DJ, I’m looking to get the crowd more involved. You never know what’s going to happen.

 Ponch: Even though you’re married, do you think this is an event that couples can enjoy?

DJ Sharp: It definitely is. The auction was very entertaining, but the cause for the event should be the reason to be in attendance. Again, you never know who you’re going to meet and who’s life you can effect through general interaction. I want to tell my grandkids that I supported the fight against Domestic Violence through participation in the Faces of Beauty Extravaganza.

 Ponch: You’ve seen the lineup this year.  What do you think about the beauties and the studs?

DJ Sharp: The line up this year is amazing. We have a lot of strong personalities embracing the stage this year. I promise you’ll have more than 1 favorite.

Ponch: How high do you think the bids will go on the ladies?

DJ Sharp: I can definitely see the bids for the ladies being over $100 per lady. There will be a good turn out of guys ready to support the cause.

Ponch: How high do you think the bids will go on the studs?

DJ Sharp:  The guys bids may be slightly higher than the ladies as women travel in groups, and a table may decide to purchase as a group for that one friend they’ve been trying to get out the house lol. Team work makes the dream work.

 Ponch: What’s your favorite party song to get the crowd pumped?

Dj Sharp:  I actually don’t have a favorite song but we’re going from Old School to New School, Back to Old School, to your school, and back to my school. Lol. I will say I love mixes that include Doug E. Fresh, Cool & The Gang, T.I., and Jay Z. but I always sprinkle my down south artist in the mix to turn up. We’re Grown. We’re Sexy. And We’re Fly. Expect that type of vibe :)

Ponch: What’s next for DJ Sharp?

Currently, my next event will be the 2nd Annual Clash of the 90’s event held in Longview the Saturday of Easter Weekend. I never want to miss a good opportunity to celebrate the East Texas connections made in high school and/or college. We invite the class of Longview High from 1990 – 1999 to celebrate together. This year we’re going to include a few more schools and classes. Please be ready.

To find out how DJ Sharp does his thing, you will need to be in attendance at the next Faces of Beauty Extravaganza on December 20.

To purchase tickets online, go to

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Last year was the first year for the Faces of Beauty annual charity fundraiser to help raise funds for Faces of Beauty Foundation.  Ponch Cosmetics is the host of this spectacular event in which we raise funds to help support programs that aid victims of domestic violence.

Brandis Jamerson was the emcee last year and she did such a phenomenal job that we decided to bring her back again.  I recently caught up with Brandis J and here is what she had to say about the event:

Ponch: You emceed the event last year? What led you to do this event again?


Brandis: After the event last year, I received so much encouragement from friends and associates that were at the show. I even received one of the hottest shoutouts in Facebook history from an old classmate. So when the opportunity presented itself I was slightly nervous… But after I thought about the fun we had last year… I just began thinking of how to bring it again this year!


Ponch:  Was this your first time emceeing an event:


Brandis: Yes, it was my first time emceeing and I was a nervous wreck! There is a big difference between doing the welcome at the 3 o’clock service and emceeing a large event.


Ponch:  Did you ever get stage fright?  What happened?


Brandis:  When the time came for me to get the show started all I can remember were seeing all those faces just looking at me and it was definitely intimidating! I just remember my voice shaking and me ready to run back off the stage… After I came back and the crowd begin to engage, it got easier.


Ponch:  You participated at rehearsal last month.  You looked like you were having a good time.  Can we expect some of that foolery at the event this year?


Brandis:  Of course! Anytime I’m in the midst of good company I will be an advocate for a good time! Again, it goes back to the crowd and their participation. The models that are participating this year have great personalities, attitudes, and it was easy to come in and cut up with them! So as long as the attendees get into the show, we have no choice but to GO UP ON A TUESDAY!


Ponch: This is a Bachelor/Bachelorette auction. Do you think this is a battle of the sexes?


Brandis: There is no battle when there’s a woman involved… We always win. Lol


Ponch: Who do you think is going to win?


Brandis: It’s hard to call it because there are so many different flavors for bidders to pick from, and who knows? There are some sneaky ballers out there that may like the shy type or may like their men light skinded… lol I’m thinking I may get the largest amount on the silent auction tho!


Ponch:  Do you think this is a good idea for singles looking for love or to just have fun?


Brandis:  Folks need to come to the event with the mind frame of having fun! If a love story comes out of it then we will give them a shout out at the next show… But one of my disclaimers for the event will be to not expect a relationship as an outcome to your bid… Now what they do with their opportunity is up to them… *sips tea*


Ponch:  What do you consider sexy about a guy?


Brandis: What’s physically sexy to me will always include tattoos… I’ve always been a fan of good art work…. What’s mentally sexy is a man’s ability to show compassion towards me… Unfortunately that combination has been hard to find.


Ponch:  Well, we do have a few studs with A LOT of tattoos! So, if you could build a guy, what would he look like and how would he be?


Brandis: This is a loaded question…

Ponch: Since you’re funny, how important is finding a guy who is funny, too?


Brandis: Any prospect of mine would HAVE to have a sense of humor or we are going to run out of things to talk about real quick.


Ponch: Would you ever ask a guy out?


Brandis: At this point in my life I wouldn’t ask a guy out because that sets a precedent that the man doesn’t have to take on a leadership role within the relationship.   I need a man that’s not afraid to open his mouth!


Ponch:  Who is your celebrity crush?


Brandis: Zac Efron


Ponch:  If you were a guy, would you bid on any of the ladies in the auction?


Brandis:  Heeelllll Yeeahhhh!!! Lol All of em thick wit it! They’re very beautiful ladies.


Ponch:  If you could go back to last year’s event, what would you do differently?


Brandis: I would have spent more time with the models before the show so I can get a better understanding of that makes them tick. That would make it easier to promote their personalities and make them more appealing to the bidders.


Ponch:  Do all your comedic moments spring from the truth?


Brandis:  Yes, 9 times out of 10 I find laughter out of the truth and what has become reality! And if you were to meet some of my family members it would be evident that DNA definitely plays a large part as well! 45


Ponch:  Which person in the auction will make your job easy? (This person just makes you think of funny ish)


Brandis:  DJ Demarcus Sharp is a natural fool and I am so excited about working with him! My other classmate Brian Davis is an inspiration also! They tend to think outside the box!


Ponch: Who are your favorite female comedians? Why?


Brandis: Sommore has always been a favorite for so many reasons! Not only is she representing for the thicker chicks, but her delivery is what makes her comedy stand out. She is blunt, but not abrasive… That is an art form these days.


Ponch: How important is crowd engagement when you’re emceeing?


Brandis: As I mentioned earlier, the crowd’s enthusiasm is so important and is necessary for a successful event! They have got to come ready to participate in this positive movement.


Ponch:  What song gets you excited and ready to go off?


Brandis: Too many songs to count! Lol It ranges from Taylor Swift to Z-Ro. I love music and if the beat is on point then I’m enjoying it!


Ponch:  How important is music when doing an event such as this?


Brandis:     Music sets the tone… The music can make the crowd remember a time  or moment… or it may awaken their ratchet side… either way it helps creates a mood and I know that DJ Demarcus will be able to assess his crowd and give them something to groove to.


Ponch: What’s your educational background?  Have you ever thought of a career in broadcasting?


Brandis: I graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration. I have a passion for the hospitality industry, and I love the idea of traveling. I did attempt, while attending SFA, to become a radio personality with a local station here in Longview. Long story short, being behind a microphone and speaking between songs is not as easy as one might imagine… It takes practice to become an effective radio personality.


Ponch:  What are your thoughts on the issue of domestic violence?

Brandis:   Domestic Violence is an issue that is becoming too common in our communities. Recently I have had the opportunity to be educated on how domestic violence not only affects the person who is being physically and /or mentally abused, but it also affects the friends and family that are around them during this difficult time. In a lot of cases the idea of leaving is not as easy as some try to make it out to be. There is an uncertainty of how the person will survive without their abuser, sometimes there are children involved and the abused doesn’t want to disturb their children’s home environment. There are so many reasons that can deter an abused person to get the help that they need. As a society, and especially as a community, we need to work together to be a form of assistance to those who have been in these violent situations to get out safely.  I’ve experienced domestic violence personally, and I was blessed to get out of that situation before it was too late. So I have a soft spot for those who are facing this on a daily basis and living in fear of the next attack. That’s why I plan to give my all on that stage December 20th! I want to play my role in this effort to raise money for the victims of this horrible crime.


Ponch:  What’s next for Brandis J?  


Brandis:  Hopefully a nap… I’m tired!

What’s next for me is continuing to work with the members of the women’s organization “We’re S.A.S.S.I.” to be a present entity in the Longview Community. We want to provide an environment for the personal growth of women of all races and ages! Please be on the lookout beginning in January 2015. We have some great ideas on the horizon, and we look forward to empowering the women of East Texas through group activity and volunteer efforts!

You can catch snippets of what is to come for this event on Youtube at

To get tickets to this event go to

To learn more about Faces of Beauty Foundation go to