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The Ponch Line Podcast is my new podcast about misguided entrepreneurship. I, Ponchitta Sashawoo, will be sharing my not-so-great moments while building this brand in hopes that I can save another entrepreneur from falling on their face like I did. If you have started a business and have plans to do so in the future, then you should listen to this podcast if you need help with your business.

I started Ponch Cosmetics back in 2012 and I have experienced everything and I have probably felt every emotion. This is because in the beginning I did everything wrong. On my podcast, I will be interviewing other entrepreneurs who will share similar experiences of setbacks and triumphs.

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GET TO KNOW ME: Ten fun facts!

Fun Facts About Ponch

Hello, and welcome back to The Ponch Line Blog! Today I will be sharing ten fun facts about me so that you can get to know me better! My hope is that many of you will share your personal stores, as well. It’s been a while since I was able to just sit and write. Over the last two weeks, I have had ample time to catch up. Therefore, I decided to fill my readers and loyal subscribers in on what’s been going on in my life. However, I also wanted to share some fun facts about me so that you can learn why I started this blog and what gets me excited.

I started this blog almost ten years ago. It will be ten years next year that I started the brand so I will probably do something really big to commemorate its inception. I would love some ideas. For now, I will just stick with the basics!

Allow me to reintroduce myself….

My name is Ponch, pronounced with a P-O! I almost felt a few bars trying to come out, but I won’t do my readers like that so I guess I will just get to the point. I suppose the very first thing that new readers need to know is my name

  1. My government name is Ponchitta Lanoue. I know somebody somewhere is like “whet?” I know this because I have gotten this reaction for the last 35 years of my life. No, my mother did not do drugs when she was pregnant with me! However, she did say that she tried cocaine once, but that’s another story for another day! (RIP Mom)

The story goes that my Aunt Lola (mom’s older sister, who is named after my maternal grandmother) suggested the name because she was studying Watergate while in college and an award-winning journalist by the name of Ponchitta Pierce, during the time of Watergate. My aunt liked the name and I guess my mother did, too. Now here I am. Now look at me writing just like my infamous predecessor. Maybe I was supposed to cover Trump or something! Who knows..

Newsflash: here is the real tea! My name is pronounced Pun-chetta, not Pone-cheetuh. I am black and not Hispanic. Lanoue is pronounced La-new, which is French because my husband’s lineage is Haitian. This concludes my TedTalk! Whew, Chile! That even seems like a lot typing!

2. I am from a small, Texas town called Longview, Texas but I now live in Houston. I have a HUGE extended family. My maternal grandmother had 10 brothers and sisters and my paternal grandmother had 8. On each side, my great aunts and uncles had countless kids! I have cousins all over. You might be my cousin. I’m just saying…

3. I’ve been married twice. It was during the period of my first husband that I started my business out of my extreme sadness and frustration. I was in a really bad marriage. I didn’t know what to do. In a sense, my business saved me, not the marriage, but the blog became extremely therapeutic. I am extremely grateful for this blogging space for these reasons. I am still a hopeless romantic and will cry when I watch any love story! However, I don’t see marriage #3 in my future!

4. I named my business after myself because I could not think of a catchy name for a beauty brand. I decided that my legacy would be my namesake. It has proven to be in countless ways. I always knew that my name would precede me. For the most part, it has. Hence, the reason why I opened with an explanation of the history of my name. By the end of the post, you will be well versed in the evolution of “PONCH!”

5. I wanted to be an attorney when I was young. I have always been curious about everything, but very passionate about the law. I love shows like Law & Order, The Practice, and Law & Order, SVU. When I was around ten, I decided that I wanted to be the first African-American female Governor of Texas. I actually love politics. I guess the obvious path to get there was to become an attorney. When I got to college and realized that not only was four years gonna be difficult, another three would be virtually impossible. So, I axed that idea quick! Makeup was the last thing on my mind then, but hiding in plain sight.

6. I used to sneak and wear makeup to school in the fourth grade. By 6th grade, I considered myself a pro. Anybody that knew me back then can try to challenge me any time. I will gladly pull out old photos to prove my gangsta skills. A few words of warning: better have your receipts before you challenge because I plan to come with hard facts and data… and charts!

7. I am a foodie. I love to explore different restaurants and food trucks. I live for that experience. I kinda wish I started a food blog, but I can always share my food stories and excursions. Therefore, if you ever see a food review or critique on here, don’t be surprised! I take food adventures very seriously! You have been forewarned…

8. I am a proud ambivert. Never knew there was such a word until one day I was watching a video and saw the description fit me perfectly! Most people that know me think that I am an extrovert because I have lots of friends and I am a very social person. However, I can only take people in small doses. They drain my energy, good and bad. I learned that I like to be around people for short periods and then I prefer to get right back to my happy place in solitude.

9. I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan! Yes, I said it and will fight anybody behind my BOYS!!!! It all seems so appropriate considering I was a cheerleader from elementary through high school. However, I didn’t know the difference between offense or defense back then! I just wanted to put on makeup and wear the short skirts! That is not the case today! Now I can probably get out there and take Mike McCarthy’s job!

10. My favorite hobby in the whole wide world is photography. I think it goes back to my love of art and creativity. I have like three great cameras right now. I have bought cameras every year for past ten years. Most people use their cameras, but I don’t just want to take a picture. I want to take an epic picture and create an amazing movie!

Well there you have it! Now that you know all about me. It’s your turn to tell me a little more about you! I want know! Spill it! What’s your name, where are you from, what do you like to do, and can you relate to any of my facts? If not, why or why not!

Please introduce yourself in the comments. I would love to meet ya….


Seven Reasons Why 2021 Will Be the Most Important Year for Black History Month

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

Move over January because February is here bringing red roses and Black History! This month is usually remembered for lovers, but not this time. This February, 2021 will prove to be a very important year. It will be remembered for many reasons, but 2021 will be remembered mainly as the most important year for Black History Month. I am giving you seven reasons why.

Despite Covid sweeping through and wreaking havoc on the entire world, there were some highlights. The pandemic caused global shortages and shutdowns in massive proportions. Many governments did not know how to respond to some of the issues and many concessions had to be made. Most of these allowances would help the black community. We gained access to resources, funding, and information that had not been available prior to now. These gains, if used wisely, can help black people in ways we can only imagine. Simply by exercising prudence with the resources given, then we can make some real momentum in the advancement of colored people. Ultimately, creating historical moments that will invigorate history books to reflect the true heroic moments for black people. These are some reasons why 2021 will be the most important year for Black History.

However, that was not it! There are more reasons 2021 will be the most important year for black history. Here are my seven reasons why 2021 will be the most important year for Black History Month:

  1. We now have our first African American female Vice-President of the United States. She is a graduate of a historically black college. She is an attorney by trade. She is a wife. She is a mother (step-mother to Cole and Ella Emhoff). She is Bomb! She now holds the second highest role in the United States. We, African Americans, cannot take this for granted! We must not beat our chests because there is much work to do! We MUST roll up our sleeves and prepare to do our parts because we now have someone in office who looks like us! She was sworn into office January 2021 and that makes Black History Month that much sweeter in February. We can sit back with pride knowing that we have much to celebrate this month.
  2. Legendary icon, Cicely Tyson, dies at 96 years of age. She was literally the Black Mother of all mothers in the black community. She tore down walls, kicked in doors, and broke many barriers. When she opened her mouth to speak, black people listened. When she appeared on our television screens, we stopped to gaze in awe of her talent. She was well respected and there will never be another Cicely Tyson! I truly believe that is the reason we were allowed to have her for so long. Her gift was sooooo important and impactful. Her legacy will remain forever. A legacy that will remain important to the history of black culture.
  3. Georgia now has its first African American Senator, Raphael Warnock. As a native of Georgia, he comes with his own impressive resume. After the 2020 elections, black voters in Georgia had enough! When it was time for their runoff election in January for two Senate seats, the black voters in Georgia said we got time today! As Republican voters tried to hold on to their power in the Senate and in the State of Georgia, the black voters of Georgia said “NOT TF TODAY!” They stood unified and they stood strong. Their consensus, acts of bravery, and courage allowed the Democrats to take the majority lead in the United States Senate. That is a heck of a historical moment for African American history. One that will be recognized in history books as important and compelling.
  4. The reality of white privilege and systemic racism was radically exposed and turned on its head during the attack on The Capitol. For years, blacks have debated the existence of white privilege and racism in America while white America has walked around with blinders on. However, after the insurrection at The Capitol in Washington, D.C., it was pretty hard to deny what was so evident right before our very eyes. The large majority of the rioters at the Capitol were white middle-class Americans clearly attempting a coupe on American soil and receiving the most lenient treatment as they tried to overthrow the government!!!! Like, where TF do they do this? The grim reality of these acts of sedition is that an African American would have been sentenced to death. As our court systems currently prove that 80% of the convictions of African Americans are far harsher for way less crimes. Therefore, America has some explaining to do! It is going to be very, very important moving forward to see how America responds to the treatment of African Americans in the future while clearly giving so many white Americans a slap on the wrist.
  5. Amanda Gorman becomes the first African American poet laureate to recite a spoken word poem at Joe Biden’s Inauguration and Super Bowl. Can someone say huge? Did I mention that she is a Harvard graduate and only 22 years of age? Amanda Gorman was born a twin with major developmental delays and a speech impediment. Still, she has published two books. Something tells me that we will hear so much more about this beautiful black woman in the future. Her gifts have certainly made room for her! Now the history books are making space, as well.
  6. The largest number of grants ever were offered to African American businesses! It started with stimulus checks and then eventually small business loans and grants. Before it was all over, private industry followed suit and just started giving money away to African American businesses and underrepresented communities! As an entrepreneur, that is the gift that keeps on giving. Capital is the biggest problem that African American small businesses face. Prior to the pandemic, we are systemically denied access to loans and opportunities. Well, all of that has changed. More African American businesses have received assistance like never before. Now African Americans can’t hide behind this excuse anymore. Now, it’s up to us to put our money where our mouth is. The American Dream is no longer so far-fetched. It’s now closer than we think. This will be duly noted in history.
  7. The vaccination is being administered and available at record numbers to African Americans. It has been no secret that Covid has affected the black community in large numbers. In 2020, a vaccine was created. Now the President is trying to make it available to the people who need it most: African

Americans and other low-income groups. Currently, it is still too early to determine who all will receive vaccines and its effects, but if all of the groups get help, then that will be a huge win for the black community. If successful, it will prove to be a historical victory, as well! It can never erase what the Tuskegee Airmen experiment did, but it can certainly ease our memory a bit.

African Americans have so much to celebrate this year. Yet, we still have so far to go to attain equality and fairness in this country. We cannot become complacent. We must continue to strive to push the advancement of African Americans in this country. That can only help to unify us as a nation and global power. This can only happen with the support and recognition of black history. This is why 2021 is proving to be the most important year for Black History Month! So far, we are off to a pretty good start! To learn Why the Biden Administration Means So Much Right Now, click here.

How much do you know about Black History and what do was teach about black history in school?


Netflix and Chill Just Got Better!

I am so excited about Netflix this season. I have compiled a list of my top five shows that I will be watching on Netflix in the coming months. They have a really good selection of shows right now. Netflix and chill just got hotter just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Netflix and chill is better than ever now! Most of these shows give a pretty good variety on Netflix. Many of them have several seasons to offer you an opportunity to watch quite a few episodes. Therefore, if you are looking for new shows to watch this season, then you will have plenty in this list to keep you occupied. Here’s my list:

  1. Queen of the South. I have watched this series twice. I used to be a huge Power fan, but when it ended I needed something else similar. This provided the gangster fix that I needed. The bonus for this show is that the main characters are women. That’s what I enjoy the most. One is Cruella Deville and the other is a female Robin Hood. They both keep the show pretty interesting.
  2. Brigerton. I haven’t watched this one yet, but the reviews are pretty good. Just hang tight and I will have more details later. I like a love story that’s filled with passion. It appears that it might not disappoint. We shall see. Plus, it’s a Shonda Rhimes series so there’s no need to add more.
  3. All American. I have watched this one a few times, also. I am from a town where high school football was my life before leaving and going to college. This show really resonated with me. It also tells a pretty good story. If you liked Friday Night Lights, then you will enjoy this series. It comes back in January so that makes it even better. You probably don’t have time to binge-watch, but you can get a good head start.
  4. Queen’s Gambit. I have not watched one episode of this, but the fact that 62 million viewers watched within 28 days let’s me know that it has to be pretty good. I never understood the game of chess, but I have always wanted to learn. However, the reviews state the show, as well as the game, offers many great life lessons. That makes it even more intriguing. Stay tuned…
  5. Ozark. This show is amazing, but It’s not returning. Therefore, I hate to get anyone all excited and then find out that it won’t be returning to tell us what happens next. All I can say is that once you start you won’t be disappointed. It actually keeps you intrigued from beginning to end.

Will you be ready to Netflix and chill? Do you have Netflix? If not, then you can sign up at www.netflix.com. If you have seen any of these shows, tell me what you think in the comments. I would love to hear your opinion on my list. What shows are you excited about this season?


I won a $350 Ulta Beauty giftcard from my xoTribe! Here’s what I purchased…

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you received an all expense paid trip to the makeup store? Imagine dreaming about makeup and then the next day receiving an Ulta Beauty gift card in the mail. As a bonafide makeup lover, I have often wondered what I would do with a free pass to the beauty store. Well, I finally got my chance to find out!

Ironically, I never dreamed of an all expense paid trip to the makeup store, but I did win a gift card to Ulta! The entire experience was better than anything I could have dreamed. As luck would have it, Christmas came early for me this year in the form of a $350 Ulta Beauty gift card. I. Lost. My. Mind. Now, I am going to tell you how I showed out in the store!

First of all, I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but somehow the universe conspired to answer a prayer for me by sending me this wonderful gift. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait until December! Besides, everybody knows how much I love makeup.

Interestingly, prior to winning, I had been wondering why my palms were itching. I don’t know if it was my female intuition or what, but I just knew that I was about to get something and I did! Anyhow, I have been hanging out in my favorite chat group xoTribe curated by Necole Kane, creator of xoNecole. While I was minding the tribe business and in my own world, a fun little survey came across my screen so I had to indulge. Between the group discussions, workshops, and different surveys, I can’t get enough of all the valuable gems that are dropped daily. As much as I engage the group, I was bound to win something!

Still, I can barely remember the beauty survey that led me to win the gift. I completed it out of mere curiosity, but I had completely forgotten all about it. Then, a few days later they announced that they had a winner and I was it!

I still can’t remember the last time I won anything. This is up there with asking Santa for a bike and receiving the exact color, size and brand of which was asked. To be honest, I could have gotten $20 and I would have been equally as happy! Instead, I learned that it was for $350! Do you know how much damage I can do with $350 in a beauty store?

Well, allow me to tell you…

As soon as I received my card in the mail, I started plotting and planning. I even took the time to make a list just in case I forgot to look for something even though I knew I was going to peruse the entire store. Despite going through all of this trouble, I managed to forget the list at home anyway.

In spite of it all, here’s what I purchased:

  1. The very first item on my list was the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen in Dark Brown for $22. I am obsessed with their Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil. I knew I would be equally as obsessed with this precise pen to get my eyebrows picture perfect. Trust me, this is a must have if you want to get your eyebrow on point.
  2. I still bought another Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil for $23 to use in conjunction with the brow pen. I am so glad I did, too, because they work perfectly together.
  3. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, I am determined to learn to master the wing eye look. I chose Benefit Roller Liner to accomplish this for $22. I have been practicing all weekend. I haven’t gotten it yet, but give me time. I promise you I will be an expert. This eyeliner is an excellent eyeliner choice.
  4. Next, on my list was foundation. Even though I use foundation sticks mainly, I still wanted to invest in another liquid foundation for backup. I have always loved Kat Von D Vegan Lock-It Foundation. I am so lucky to know my shade because you can no longer test products at Ulta. Therefore, I was winging it. I got it just right for the bargain price of $37. KVD Foundation is perfect for warm skinned girls with red and olive undertones. Thank me later, ladies!
  5. As much as I love my KVD foundation, it can’t do all of the work for alone. I still need concealer to complete my look. Hence, the reason I got three different concealers to be safe. I am a huge fan of Morphe Fluidity concealer for $10. That really is a good price, but there was only one problem. I got the wrong color. They were out of my regular color so I improvised and it turned out to be off. However, I still got ColourPop Pretty Fresh Concealer for $9. It was a little off, also, but the quality is great for price. The last one was KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Highlight Set in Medium. I should have gotten it in Dark, but it still works for $32. That is high for the wrong color, but the greater value is the KKW Beauty Concealer Brush II for $18. I absolutely love it! If you like to contour your makeup, then you will find great value in this product.
  6. Once I got my foundation and concealer, I had to get blush and bronzer. I chose BHC chocolate Marshmallow Truffle four-color blush palette for $12. It’s the perfect palette for any complexion with its nude colors. Then, I got the Morphe Glamabronze Face and Body Bronzer in Trailblazer for $19. I topped it off with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop Highlighter for $38. I splurged, but I cannot imagine not having the perfect highlighter!
  7. I’m not a big eye shadow person, but I like eye shadow. So, I couldn’t leave without a nice eye shadow palette. Since it’s Fall, I wanted some pretty Fall colors. Instead of my typical brown, blue or black, I decided to go with rich purples. I got two Juvia’s palettes: violets and berries for $14 each. On top of those beautiful purples, I plan to top off my eyes with EYLURE London Luxe XL Faux Mink lashes for $11.99. The special occasion kind!
  8. In order to get the look I want, I need new makeup brushes to accomplish the goal. I had to scoop up three three brushes: Morphe Large Duo Foundation Brush for $10, Morphe Contour Blender Brush for $5.45 (Buy one get one free), and Morphe Tapered Duo Blush for $5.45 (buy one get one free). I think I left one at the store. For my foundation brush, I got the Ecotools Custom Match Duo, which includes a flat top foundation brush for $14.99. A steal if you ask me with all the goodies included. It even comes with a little dish that holds three different colors for foundation mixing.
  9. My biggest flex came when I got my lip colors. I tried Beauty Bakerie for the first time and they did not disappoint. The three liquid matte lip colors that I purchased for $20 each are Syruptitious, Sangria Splash, and Cranberry Stiletto. I will probably be going back to purchase three more because the quality is impeccable. In keeping with my purple theme, I purchased two Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink lip colors for $9.49 each. For less than $10, I think this was a steal! Lastly, I had to get a lip gloss. So, I chose Milani Ludicrous Lip Gloss, Kiss From a Rose for $8.99.
  10. As I conclude this list, I had to include the one thing that I rarely shop for, but decided why not! That’s nail polish. I decided to try OPI Infinite Shine color in Do You See What I See for $13. It’s a pretty shimmering blue with a metallic look. It’s actually pretty cool!

I hope that you have concluded by now that I went over my $350. This is the short list, though! Initially, I had gone over to the tune of $640, but I politely asked the cashier to remove a few items. I still went over, but at least it wasn’t as outrageous as a $600 surplus. All in all, I am extremely happy with my products and I owe it all to my xoTribe! I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to give someone a gift card to a beauty store, but whichever sister it was deserves a raise! Thanks, Sis! Now for exclusive opportunities such as this, you should subscribe to the xoNecole newsletter at www.xonecole.com.

If you would like to get a better look at the products, then you can check out the video I created on my Youtube channel.

Tell me what you think about the product selection in the comments. What would you purchase with a $350 beauty gift card from ULTA? Let me know in the comments below. If you are curious about any of the products, I have provided links to those items, as well. Some are affiliate links and some are not. I receive a small commission on a few products. However, you are under no obligation to purchase or click on anything.

a. https://rb.gy/johghi-Anastasia BH Brow Pen

b. https://rb.gy/idsum4-Anastasia BH Skinny Pencil

c. https://rb.gy/heybxu-Benefit Cosmetics Roller Liner

d. https://rb.gy/fh8too-Kat Von D Vegan Foundation

e. https://rb.gy/rnmatm-Morphe Fluidity Concealer

f. https://rb.gy/05y1dy-ColourPop Pretty Fresh Concealer

g. https://rb.gy/1tp725-KKW Beauty Creme Contour Kit

h. https://rb.gy/kv1tcj-KKW Beauty Concealer Brush II

I. https://rb.gy/xsxfr7-BHC Truffle Chocolate Marshmallow Blush

J. https://rb.gy/lwei8r-Morphe Glamabronze Face and Body Bronzer

K. https://rb.gy/cwa3lj-Becca Shimmering Skin in Champagne

l. https://rb.gy/3qc2om-Juvia’s Berries eyeshadow pallette

m. https://rb.gy/8lblug-Juvia’s Violets eyeshadow palette

n. https://rb.gy/vjrnrt-Eylure London Luxe Eyelashes

o. https://rb.gy/g50c3v-Ecotools Custom Match Duo Brushes (Amazon has a bettter deal here: https://amzn.to/32g7Qwn)

p. https://rb.gy/dtkqo2-Beauty Bakerie Matte Lip Whip

q. https://rb.gy/sdfxu0-Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

r. https://rb.gy/1m73ai-Milani Ludicrous Lip gloss

s. https://rb.gy/oekxiy-OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish


Join Our Facebook LIVE Stream: Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness is an international movement started as an effort to bring attention to mental illness. Recently with the uncertainty of our global economy caused by the unexpected virus known as COVID-19, many people are stressed over the loss of jobs, lifestyles, education, and housing dilemmas. As a result of COVID-19, the pandemic has caused a lot of chaos and turmoil nationwide resulting in increased anxiety. This in turn has had far-reaching effects on the mental state of many individuals.

Ironically, May is Mental Health Awareness Month to help raise awareness about mental health issues that many face and how we can bring increased attention to the need for care and treatment. There’s no question that the onset of the pandemic has created increased numbers of depression and anxiety. Many people are not even aware of the fact that they may or may not be experiencing signs or symptoms.

Meanwhile, I caught up with my long-time friend, Dr. Pruedence Williams, a licensed psychologist, to talk about the effects that this pandemic can have on our mental state. She will be explaining what we can do to try to help ourselves and to cope during these troubled times.

Our Facebook #LiveChat will be Sunday, May 17 at 1pm CST on my Facebook Profile Page: www.facebook.com/PonchittaSashawoo.



Oily skin

If you’re like me there is one thing that you dread about Summer.  It’s probably not what you think.  Like most of us, I like Summer because I am a preSummer baby.  As a result, I love barbecues, pool parties, snow cones, and patio wine dates.  It all sounds good, right?

It’s all great until the first official day of Summer hits and you feel like a meteor swooped through and dropped within 50 feet of your face.  That’s when you’re reminded that Summer isn’t all that great sometimes.  When you have oily skin, the humidity in certain parts of the world will refresh your memory of that fact really quick!

I am going to share with you a few ways that you can treat oily skin in the Summertime.   If you follow these tips, you will likely experience less frustration when the humidity decides to play cruel games with your skin.  Make sure that you are protecting your skin, also by using sunscreen.  I am giving tips to prevent extreme oiliness, but that doesn’t necessarily protect again the dangers of skin burn from the heat.

If you have oily skin, there are three main things that you can do to prevent too much oil secretion in your face that can lead to clogged pores and acne.  Following these steps can help reduce your chances of breakouts.

First, make sure that you’re washing your face every day.  This is a very important step in the skincare process.  If it’s really hot, wash your face in the morning and at night before bed.  Not washing your face allows oiliness to build and sit causing pores to clog and acne bumps to form.

Next, use some sort of clay mask on your skin at least once per week.  You should not need to use a clay mask more than twice per week.  If you’re using the right products, then once per week should be enough.  Clay masks usually smooth your skin and absorb all of the excess oil in the skin.  Great way to create balance in the skin.

Lastly, moisturize.  It’s really simple.  You should use an oil-free moisturizer in the am and before bed.  You should not use alcohol-based products.  I would recommend water-based products.  These will not dry out your skin.  You want to create the right balance.

If you want more tips, then you should download a copy of The Ponch Cosmetics Skincare Guide found in Day 1 of 28 Days of Skincare


5 Reasons to Watch PonchTV

blog header

I am super excited to announce the relaunch of my Youtube Channel, PonchTV.  I started my original Youtube Channel in 2013 when I started Ponch Cosmetics.  However, I was never very comfortable in my videos so I only posted a few videos and then I stopped.  I eventually chose to blog instead.

Well, I am elated to disclose that at the beginning of this year, I decided to try my luck with video again.  I discovered that Youtube is one of the best ways to connect my message with my audience.  It is only second to Google as an online search engine.  That means that as a business owner, there is a tremendous opportunity for growing a brand online.

If you like to watch videos online, but you’re somewhat disinclined to subscribe or follow new channels that are not as popular, then I am going to give you five great reasons why you should watch PonchTV. I truly believe that I will be able to add more value via video.  Therefore, I would like to answer any questions that you might have about my channel.  Here are my top five reasons why you should watch and ultimately subscribe:

  1. Get to know me. Youtube is the best way to meet someone without actually meeting them in person.  If you’re an introvert with a strong passion for skincare and beauty, then you get to watch all of my videos about my many skin care solutions without having to actually get out to meet me.  Trust me, I get it!  I’m an introverted extrovert if that makes any sense.  I love meeting people, but I hate going out.  In business, you can’t make it unless you deal with people so I have to force myself to go out sometimes.  Youtube allows me to get out without actually getting out.  We can become friends online and avoid any awkward encounters.  If this describes you, then I think you should follow.  We just might be kindred spirits.  Plus, I think I talk about the industry in such a relatable way that if you have any interest at all, then my channel is just right for you.
  2. Event updates.  Even though I don’t like to get out, my business forces me to from time to time.  In this industry, travel is necessary to learn and grow.  I typically attend many beauty events to stay informed of any new products hitting the market.  I have not attended BeautyCon yet, but it is next on my agenda.  I have attended various other events and conferences.  If you’re a beauty addict like myself who has never attended, then the entire experience would be like we are attending together.  If you have attended any of the events that I mention, then we can discuss your thoughts about the event to see if we had similar experiences.  Occasionally, I host events in different cities or set up booths at different conferences.  You have an opportunity to be the first to know when I host or attend my events.
  3. Product hauls/reviews.  If you have gotten this far with this blog post, then you’re probably a product junkie like me.  I can’t lie.  I have a problem!  I am skincare obsessed.  I also love makeup.  I don’t feel one bit of embarrassment about it.  If you like to be informed about new products or even old products, then you should watch my channel.  I will be reviewing new and old products and exposing everything in my arsenal with hauls.  If this sounds like fun to you, then you need to tune in to my channel.
  4. Tutorials.  I can’t lie tutorials aren’t really my thing, but my followers love them so I have had to do them to appease my followers.  If you want me to be your muse before you try a particular product, then that’s a great reason to watch.  I will go before you and make sure that all is well with a product for you so that you know whether you should smash (buy) or pass (walk away).
  5. Results.  Finally, the one thing that I am certain about with my skincare choices is that I get results.  I have been studying skincare products since I was about 16 years old (going through puberty and acne).  I am forty-five now and I can honestly say that I have had visible results.  If you’re struggling with skin issues, then you should watch so that we can tackle your problem together.  I can help you.  As a matter of fact, I want to help you because GREAT SKIN MATTERS!  If you’re up for the challenge, then you should go subscribe to PonchTV today!  Here’s the link to the channel  www.youtube.com/c/PonchTV!

If you liked this blog post, then you should also check out  Top 5 Summer Beauty Goals.


Day 1 of 28 Days of Skincare


freestocks-org-254726-unsplashImagine this…You’re sitting on a nice, quiet beach, allowing the sun to gleam on your skin.  You’re in total and complete bliss, oblivious to all of the cares in the world. You imagine that your skin is clear and all the bronzer in the world doesn’t matter because you don’t need it.  Your skin looks great, you feel amazing and life is good!  Then all of a sudden, you awaken to a loud noise that knocks you out of your daydream.  Suddenly you realize that it was all a dream and you’re at Target trying to decide which moisturizer to buy for your skin.

If only shopping for skincare products was easy, then you could be on the beach enjoying the benefits of using the right products.  Well, freeze!  We have a solution for you.  Today is the day!

We are so excited to start our glow up! For the next 28 days we will be focusing on the things that will improve your skin. In order to begin you will need to download The Skincare Guide below. Good luck to you all and we want to see your results in 28 days with better skin preparing for the beach!

Skincare Guide


Are you ready for the Challenge?


Are you feeling like your skin is too dry, too oily, or just too whatever? Do you experience ugly breakouts and never know how to treat them?  Are you starting to get older and realizing that you should take better care of your skin?  If so, then you should definitely try the 28 Day Skincare Challenge.  It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it! Your skin will thank you for it!

This is not just any kind of challenge.  This challenge is for the skin, but it will definitely heal your mind and body.  We cannot guarantee results, but what we can assure you new and improved skin if you follow our instructions.

Now here’s what you can expect:



-Clarity in your skin

-Skincare Timeline

-Easy Fix Remedies

-Simple Plans

-Product Suggestions

-Totally Free

-A Guide

We recommend that you follow the plan to gain the best results.  As with any challenge, there will be obstacles, but this challenge is so simple it is foolproof.  The only way you will be successful is if you try.  We want to challenge you to take a chance! Live a little. The worse thing that could happen is that one day you will wake up with clearer skin.

Signup here:

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Why are you waiting? Subscribe today….


Eight Things You Could Do If You Win The $1.6 Billion Lottery


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


You don’t have to be a gambler to know that the Texas Lottery Mega Million Jackpot is now estimated at $1.6 Billion.  It doesn’t matter if you gamble or not nor does it matter that the odds of winning are a mere 1 and 302, 575, 350.   I think a person would probably have better luck winning an Oscar Award than winning the lottery.  These odds are crazy, but people still play in the hopes that they can win.

I never play the lottery.  I rarely ever buy scratch-offs, but the thought of what I could do with $1.6 billion has given me night sweats just thinking about it.  I thought about how many people won the lottery and became broke within years of winning.  I didn’t want to share their same fate.

So, I started to seriously consider the great things people could do if one was to win the lottery.  You can’t even spend this kind of money in one lifetime.  This kind of money is generational.  It could set you and your family up for ages.  However, this money is also considered a blessing to be used to help others.  When we are blessed, we aren’t supposed to hoard our blessings.  Therefore, you must be strategic.  Here are a few life-changing suggestions for you in case you have the lucky numbers:

  1. Pay  your tithes first and foremost.  If you are a spiritual person, then you know that there was a higher being involved in the receipt of that blessing.  The best way to pay it forward is to start by giving back to the church.  Ten percent won’t put a dent in your billions. So, why not?
  2. Pay your student loans or your children’s if you have them.  Education is a blessing, but it is so expensive.  I have incurred so much debt just in student loans alone.  Even though both of my daughter’s are done with college, they now have student loan debt. The very first thing I would do if I win the lottery is erase all of our student loan debts.  Then I would offer to pay someone else’s. You could also go back to school and pay cash.
  3. Get life insurance policies  for your family.  If you have it already, increase yours by $250,000 each.  That’s a bit extravagant for life insurance, but it’s better to have too much insurance than not enough.  My current policy is only $25,000.  These days funerals are expensive so I don’t want anyone to have any trouble burying us.  My children will have instructions to NOT have an extravagant funeral for me, but they will be able to bury me without having to start a “Go Fund Me” Page.  Make sure you have life insurance and a will instructing your loved ones on how to handle your estate.
  4. Get the best medical insurance you can find.  In addition to costly student loans, medical expenses are right up there with them.  I want to make sure that we have enough medical, dental and life insurance to protect us against any type of major bill that might affect our lives.  Make sure your family is covered with medical, dental, vision, and prescription benefits.
  5. Donate to our homeless. Please don’t believe that all homeless people are lazy, addicted to drugs, or crazy.  You never know someone’s story, but be willing to help them anyway.  It’s not our job to judge.  We are here to be of service.  What better way to help than to use your newfound wealth with the less fortunate!
  6. Get involved with politics.  Almost every single amenity that we enjoy in life is regulated in some way by the government.  Most people don’t get involved with politics because they don’t understand.  One thing that the rich know that we don’t is that you have to be involved in the process to remain rich.  Now that you have millions, you might want to protect that money.  The best way to do that is to get involved in politics. Donate to your state and local campaigns of your respective political party. Sit back watch how you now have influence in your every day life.
  7.  Start a business.  Leave a legacy for your kids and their kids.  Ponch Cosmetics  is my baby.  If I had a million dollars I would infuse that money in my business so that I can finally be able to compete with ninja brands like Revlon, MAC, Stila, Avon, Loreal, and Mary Kay.  A $1 million cash infusion could easily take my business to the next level.  This could set my children up in more ways that just playing with the lottery.
  8. Finally, take one year off and travel around the world.  They say travel is the best teacher.  I must agree. The best way to learn about people and other societies is to just go and immerse yourself in their culture.  Then just explore this huge world and absorb all you can from it.  You will then gain the best education about life.

To win the lottery doesn’t just mean that its a blank check to just go ham with a lot of money.  The true blessing is in your ability to give back and do more.  Don’t think it’s a chance to just buy cars, clothes, jewelry and things that don’t mean anything.  This is your chance to give and do like you’ve never done before and watch how your blessing will keep going for another 30 generations.

Have you ever won a lump sum before?  Tell us how you would spend your billions if you won the lottery.



Great Skincare Tips for Fall



Fall officially arrived on September 22 and will end on December 21.  When she arrived, she didn’t make a lot of noise this year.  As a matter of fact, Fall came quietly.  The falling of the leaves and the greenery of the trees were unusually subdued.  If you weren’t paying attention to these climate changes, then you might have believed that Summer didn’t want to leave us.

Fall is the season that you cannot miss, not even if you tried.  Fall is the season that doesn’t stir us in the same way as Spring, Summer and Winter.    That’s because we know that after Fall comes Winter.  If you live in certain regions, you know that nobody is looking forward to Winter.  However, Fall is that one season where we know we get a short reprieve from the heat or the cold. Go figure!

During the Fall, our skin needs our attention more than ever.  Winter will bring us many external factors that will affect our skin.  If we ignore our skin during this critical time, then we fail to protect ourselves from what is to come.  It is during Fall, that we must create a good skincare routine to guard against the elements.

Winter is right around the corner lurking.  She is a ruthless bitch unlike Fall.  If we don’t want Winter to come and ruin us with her savagery, then we must take the necessary precautions.   It is during Fall that we offset all of the damage Winter will wreak during those harsh Winter months.

You can do this easily by doing these three things to protect your skin:

  1. Start moisturizing your face daily.  To protect against dehydration that likely occurs during the Winter, you need to make sure that you’re moisturizing your face.  If your skin is oily, use a water-based moisturizer.  If you’re skin is dry use a oil-based moisturizer.
  2. Follow up with a gentle cleanser.  In the next couple of months, the cold will dry your skin as much as any products you use.  So, don’t make it worse by using harsh chemicals.  Make sure your toner is gentle on your skin.
  3. Finally, minimize your pores with a light mask.  The Summer months caused your pores to grow increasingly large likely due to heat, humidity, and dirt buildup.

This list is short and sweet.  However, it is extremely effective.  If you want to prepare your skin for Winter, then you need to Fall into the right skincare routine now! Your skin will thank you!



Meghan Markle’s Bridal Makeup


If you like fairy tales, unconventional love stories, and timeless beauty, then you were probably amongst the other 29 million viewers tuning in to watch #TheRoyalWedding of Prince Henry Charles Albert David to Rachel Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19. To those that think rising as early as 4 a.m. American time just to gawk at the likes of British royalty is absurd, let me assure you that The British did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, the event turned out to be quite enlightening and entertaining.

I could literally write about all of the things that I found fascinating about the wedding from the classy British toppers to the dapper British digs. However, there’s only one major detail that needs to be discussed for the purpose of this blog that cannot be ignored or downplayed. That detail is the absolute flawlessness of the bride’s simple bridal makeup. If anyone missed the memo about less being more, then please refer to The Duchess of Sussex; she got it right.

Now it doesn’t hurt to point out that she is naturally, strikingly beautiful. Likewise, her natural wedding day glow didn’t make it any less so. In my amateur opinion, her makeup was not just perfect for a royal wedding, but any wedding. Personally, I think her bridal makeup would be a good reference for any bride trying to achieve a more natural beauty look.

How does one achieve this look so effortlessly displayed by Royals? By focusing on these key focal points, these tips can help you create a more natural bridal look like Meghan’s.

1) Instead of choosing a heavy foundation, you might choose a tinted moisturizer or foundation stick which isn’t as heavy on the skin. The goal is to have your makeup look weightless, not packed on or caked.
2) The cheeks should be two shades darker than the natural skin tone and not rosy or pink. The key is to create a cheeky effect without looking cheesy. Dark, but soft and subtle colors on the cheeks achieve this look.
3) Meghan has beautiful amber-colored eyes so her eyeliner was lightly tinted with brown eyeliner or you can achieve this look with gray, but not black. Brown or gray give a more natural look without making the eyes look too dark or defined. Again, softness is the goal here. Brown actually works well with darker skin, also.
4) The eyebrows are lightly penciled with light brown, not black or dark brown due to the fairness of her skin. A darker color would create a less natural effect. By making the eyebrows brown but not too dark, the color actually shapes her eyes giving her a more dramatic look.
5) Finally, a soft pale pink on the lips creates the perfect hint of color without too much.

Boom! There you have it! This is how a princess was created!

By following all five of these steps, you can achieve the Meghan Markle bridal look and look as naturally beautiful as she did on her wedding day! What are your bridal tips to help achieve that beautiful, natural glow?

You Must Experience these Five Houston Black-Owned Brunch Spots at Least Once in Your Lifetime

wine in clear glass near food on plate on table
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Hello, February! This is one of my favorite months because of Valentine’s Day and Black History Month! This year in honor of Black History Month, I have decided to patronize more black-owned businesses. Since food is a necessity to live, I thought it would be good to share my favorite Houston black-owned restaurants. Particularly, five great Houston black-owned brunch spots that I love.

I am currently living in Houston. Even though I have only been living in Houston for one year, I have been coming here for over 30 years. One of the best things that I have learned since I’ve been living here is that they have some great restaurants with even better food! Many Houston restaurants have some of the best brunch menus that I have ever had. If you’re ever in Houston, I suggest that you try one of these five black-owned brunch spots at least once in your lifetime. You can thank me later…

  1. Taste Bar + Kitchen. This black-owned restaurant is located in Houston’s Midtown and owned by Chef, Don Bowie. The restaurant is located specifically at 3015 Bagby Street, an extremely busy street. Valet is encouraged and reservations are suggested or you might have a two-hour wait. However, the food is worth it. The menu boasts of chicken and waffle meals that include your choice of red velvet, chocolate chip, pecan praline, sweet potato, or cinnamon toast waffles. Then you can expect to choose lobster smoked gouda mac-n-cheese or bacon smoked mac-n-cheese. There are many other mouth-watering specialty items that are too many to mention, but you can always go to their website and check it out here tastebarkitchen.com.
  2. Bar 5015. This bar no doubt got it’s name because it is located exactly at 5015 Almeda Road in the heart of Houston’s Third Ward. It isn’t really like your typical bar in that it gives you more lounge vibes. It had previously closed down due to an explosion, but recently reopened in 2019 and seemingly better than ever. The bar is owned by Steve Rogers, a native of Houston who also owns the infamous Prospect Park Restaurants. When I first moved to Houston, I learned a lot about Mr. Rogers and how he started as a party promoter and eventually opened up his own restaurants. Now, if you visit any of his establishments you will notice that all of his work appears to be paying off. As for the food, the food is pretty good, but what I love is the vibe. Bar 5015 now is hosting patio concerts with guests like, Too $hort and Mannie Fresh. They just started their brunch menu again on Sundays, which starts at 12pm and ends at 9pm. Their wings and cocktails are out of this world. They have a website, but you get a better picture of their menu on Instagram by following their page @5015BAR.
  3. Lucille’s. Can I just say how much I love this place? First of all, the ambience is perfect. It’s nice and quiet and very romantic. You can eat on the inside or the back patio. I prefer outside on the patio because it’s huge. They have an outside bar and the patio lights to maintain the same ambience and vibe as the inside. Their menu is simplistic, but their presentation is superb! Their brunch menu includes Shrimp and Grits and Oxtail Omelettes. The food is so pretty that you won’t want to eat off your plate! The drinks are equally as delectable! Lucille’s is also in Third Ward at 5512 La Branch Street, just a few blocks away from Bar 5015. Their brunch hours are Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. until 3.p.m. Since the pandemic started, you must make reservations to get in on the weekends. To see the full menu, go to www.lucilleshouston.com.
  4. Phil and Derek’s. I don’t even know where to start with these guys. This is my favorite Sunday brunch spot in Houston. Here’s why: 1) They have one of the best buffet-style brunches in the city. 2) They play the best Hip-Hop on Sunday’s. 3) The staff is friendly and very accommodating. Here’s the thing I hate: it’s extremely hard to get in on Sundays. Their brunch starts at 10 a.m. on Sundays and if you don’t get there by then, you will likely have to wait in the line which can sometimes be around the corner. No lie. I’ve experienced it many times. Therefore, I encourage you to make reservations. They serve your typical chicken, waffles, fish, potatoes, eggs, bacon, greens, mac-n-cheese, and peach cobbler. They also serve pretty good mimosas. My daughter turned me on to Phil and Derek’s before she graduated from The University of Houston. Back then, they were in a small house in Third Ward. Well, they obviously outgrew that spot and moved into a larger spot and now it looks like they are outgrowing this spot, as well. Moral to this story: business is good because the food is great! They are located at 1701 Webster Street. To learn more and see their full brunch menu, go to www. philanddereks.com.
  5. Olive & Twist. This spot is new to my list. Whereas, the other brunch spots, I have frequented many times, but I just started going to Olive & Twist. What I love besides the menu is that it’s really close to my brother so that makes it even more convenient. In addition to location, the food is great and the music is even better. One thing, though, that can be a plus or a minus is that it is small. However, I like that. It has a patio facing Richmond so you can watch all of the traffic passing by as you eat and listen to cool music. It is definitely a vibe. It’s located at 2712 Richmond Avenue. The “Nola Crawfish Benedict” is the best thing I have ever tasted in my life! To see the full menu, go to www.twist.bar.com.

This concludes my list. I hope you will consider checking out more black-owned restaurants this month and learning their unique stories and histories. If you’re ever in Houston, you must experience at least one of these Houston black-owned brunch spots in your lifetime.

If I missed some great spots, please share in the comments. I would love to add to this list.

Why the Biden Inauguration means so much right now

architecture beautiful building dome
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

After experiencing the worst domestic terrorist attack in the United States at the U. S. Capitol on January 6, American’s have been searching for some signs of peace. Although Trump and his supporters sought to perpetuate civil unrest in the country, Biden has been trying to promote peace. This is why the Biden’s Inauguration means so much right now.

Americans are searching for answers. It has been 26 years since the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building mishap. Many never imagined Americans would do so much to dishonor their own country. However, that incident as well as the attack on the Capitol proves that America has a lot of healing to do. This is another reason why Biden’s Inauguration means so much right now.

It is unfortunate that our country has so much division at this point. With the amount of power that Donald Trump aroused in this country, he could have easily healed our divided land. Instead, he chose to feed the underlying cancer in our country, which is racism, which fed a monster that could only grow! As the cancer grew, so did the division of our nation. Now we are a country divided. Again, this is why Biden’s Inauguration means so much.

Those of us who are hurting now and those who want to heal are looking for leadership that will promote mending our broken and shattered system. Things must change or we will never be a great nation again. So, on today one of the most important times in American history, everyone is looking for answers to some of the ills of this country. Quite naturally, the first person we are seeking is our leader! We need him and not just for the economy, civil rights issues, or justice but for integrity, patriotism and honor. Those are real characteristics that a true leader must possess.

America doesn’t need another popular president. We need a leader who can bring us together, heal our land, and build us up stronger than before. If Biden does not try to do that, then we will experience another insurrection worse than before. This is the reason why Biden’s Inauguration means so much right now. The world is watching. They need to see America finish strong.

5 Reasons You Need a Daily Skincare Routine

Natural beauty is key

I have always prided myself on my skin. For as long as I can remember, I have taken great care of my skin and it has paid off. It all started when I was in grade school. I was so fascinated with masks and cleansers to make my skin softer and prevent breakouts. Eventually, I even started giving my girlfriends advice on how to protect their own skin.

Over the years, I have learned a few things about how I have managed to maintain pretty clear skin for the most part. Meanwhile, some of my peers have not been as lucky. I have noticed that many have had a few things in common that has caused them to have more frequent skin problems and irritations than normal. For me, having a routine that I have maintained religiously over the years has helped me.

Having a daily skincare routine is necessary if you would to have beautiful supple skin. However, if you do have a routine, but still don’t see any progress, then you should consider a few factors that might contribute to your problem. If you suffer from any of the things I am about to suggest, then you might need a skincare routine. I’m going to give you five reasons that you need a skincare routine to improve your skin.

  1. You wear makeup daily. If you wear makeup daily, then you need a daily skincare routine. The chemicals in makeup can clog your pores and eventually breakouts. A daily skincare routine can help alleviate the problems can come from wearing makeup every day.
  2. You smoke. Without sounding preachy, I’m about to preach! I’m sorry, but smoking is just bad for your skin. Smoking can cause wrinkles and lines in your face. Smoking also speeds up premature aging. I don’t know anyone who wants to speed up their aging process. I can’t tell you not to smoke, but I’m going to do it anyway. Don’t smoke! However, if you do, you need to incorporate a skincare routine as quickly as possible.
  3. Poor diet. If you eat a lot of junk food or fast food, it will eventually show in your skin. Your skin will directly reflect what you put in it. If you put a lot of garbage in it, then your face will eventually look as bad as the stuff that you put in your face. On the flip side, if you eat fruits, vegetables, and plant-based, then you will see a huge difference in your skin. Let’s not forget that water is the best thing for your face.
  4. You’re stressed. Stress kills and makes you look not so great. Stress causes breakouts and
  5. You are acne-prone. Some people have sensitive skin. Typically if that is the case, then you might be acne-prone. You should definitely have a skincare routine if this is you. Finding the right products and using them on a regular basis can help you reduce or eliminate those problems.

I hope this helps you on your skincare journey. Let me know below in the comments if you have a skincare routine. If not, why not?

Here is another post about skincare that you might enjoy:

Great Tips for Fall

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Ultimate Travel Bucket List by Age 50

Do you have a travel bucket list? Well, I do and I just updated it as my QUARANTINE EDITION! 🤪

As soon as the world opens back up, I plan to dust off my passport and start checking off locations on my bucket list again.

Ten years ago I had created a 40 before 40 list consisting of 40 places I wanted to travel to by the time I was 40 years old. Well, guess what? I’m, almost 50 and I hadn’t come close to reaching my 40.

Quarantine has given me time and perspective to adjust my level of thinking so that I can get back to the things that I enjoy. Travel has always been one of those things.

Therefore, I have revised my top ten places that I am planning to travel to within the next 5-6 years. I believe that when the world opens up, I will have more motivation to travel since it looks like the world is trying to end as we know it! 😬

Just in case the world ends, I want to be well-travelled with no regrets!

Here’s my list:

  1. Santorini, Greece.
  2. Bali, Indonesia.
  3. 🗣, Milan, Venice, Sicily, and Pisa, and Amalfi Coast.
  4. Moscow, Russia.
  5. Morrocco.
  6. Tahiti.
  7. Bora Bora.
  8. The Maldives.
  9. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  10. Barcelona, Spain.

No, I don’t have descriptions or details about these locations yet because duh, I haven’t been yet! However, as soon as I go, I’m going to take pictures and thennnnn write a blog post about the experience.

A few years ago I flew to New York City for a big photoshoot. NYC was a place that was listed on my bucket list years ago. Here’s a link to that experience, Bright Lights, Big City! I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace thinking that time was on my side to travel. When you think about it, it really isn’t. That’s why I don’t intend to waste any more time.

That’s it for me. What’s on your travel bucket list? Share your list, experiences, and stories in the comments.👇

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