Top Five Reasons Women Should Watch NBA Play-Offs

Yes, I am a girlie-girl and I am making this announcement! I believe that all women should watch sports, especially single women! Yes, I love makeup and no, I don’t like to waste the pretty. However, basketball is not a waste of our time. I truly believe there are a few things that we canContinue reading “Top Five Reasons Women Should Watch NBA Play-Offs”

Top 10 Makeup Blogs I Love

The best thing about blogging is that 20 years ago we would have had to go to a library to read several books on a topic to learn what bloggers have now condensed in 500-700 words.  The information that we can now obtain from experts online is amazing. This is why I love blogs!  ItContinue reading “Top 10 Makeup Blogs I Love”

Top Five Reasons You Should Try Ponch Cosmetics

Cosmetic brands are plentiful these days, which makes it cumbersome to find the right products. I am a product junkie! I generally try everything just to see what the real difference is in the products. If you are anything like me, you have tried just about everything. Additionally, I am finding more brands each weekContinue reading “Top Five Reasons You Should Try Ponch Cosmetics”

People I Cannot Wait to Meet

I have been told that I am one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  I talk to strangers, trees, birds, and food sometimes.  Please don’t get in the elevator with me because I am going to introduce myself.  I just love to meet new people.  I love to engage people and I amContinue reading “People I Cannot Wait to Meet”

Top Three Things Killing Your Confidence

Top Three Things Killing Your Confidence There is an epidemic in the female species going around called “lack of confidence.”  It has spread like wildfire.  I did not realize it was a problem until I recognized how many women were suffering from the same condition.  However, I have a solution that will help turn thisContinue reading “Top Three Things Killing Your Confidence”

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