Top Five Reasons Women Should Watch NBA Play-Offs


Yes, I am a girlie-girl and I am making this announcement! I believe that all women should watch sports, especially single women! Yes, I love makeup and no, I don’t like to waste the pretty. However, basketball is not a waste of our time. I truly believe there are a few things that we can learn from watching men play sports.

There are a lot of women who lament that they do not enjoy sports, but I always want to tell them that they don’t know what they are missing. As a self-proclaimed diva, I will be the first to admit that I was a cheerleader throughout grade school and high school and never knew the difference between offense and defense! Don’t judge me. However, I always loved the excitement of the game. Here’s what I have learned over the years and why I know women can benefit from watching sports:

1) It’s exciting. The music is blazing, the crowd is screaming, and everybody is wired. Anybody who is watching the game knows that it gets exciting. Get your head in the game, ladies! Basketball is what’s happening!
2) Professional players know how to compete. Basketball is really physical. These guys are aggressive and they are playing to win. They play fast and they play hard. Each game you see these guys play their hearts out to win the title. It’s either go hard or go home. That is what really makes winners!
3) The players are finnnnnne! LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili are fine individuals. They make the game worth watching. These guys are ripped up and cut. What woman wouldn’t want to see such fine specimens? I can’t name many.
4) Did I forget to tell you that these men are finnnnne! I could really name the entire Miami Heat team, San Antonio Spurs, and Oklahoma Thunder. Truth is, they are all fine!
5) Almost every man on the planet is watching. If you’re single, then you should be watching and learning. Basketball could be a great conversation starter. It’s a great time to go to Happy Hour at any bar. While you’re sitting at home looking sad and pretty, all of your opportunities are passing you by at your local Applebee’s, along with your competition. Guess who’s winning?

Ladies, are you convinced yet?

Do you agree?

Top 10 Makeup Blogs I Love


The best thing about blogging is that 20 years ago we would have had to go to a library to read several books on a topic to learn what bloggers have now condensed in 500-700 words.  The information that we can now obtain from experts online is amazing. This is why I love blogs! 

It is no secret that my favorite thing in the world is makeup.  Even now when I go to the bookstores, I can never find a great deal of books on makeup.  However,  there are a lot of makeup blogs now! They all offer different things and information on their sites.  I have looked over most of the major makeup blogs and I have compiled my top 10 favorites and why. This is for all my blog lovers that need help finding some great blogs for makeup reviews and information regarding products and brands.

1)  The Beauty Brains is a great blog for several reasons.  The first is that the owners of this blog are both MEN!  Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller are both writers and cosmetic chemists.  Therefore, the blog is filled with a lot of useful information about all cosmetic products and their ingredients.  The second is it has interesting podcasts and forums on any cosmetic industry concerns.  Who knew that men knew so much about cosmetics? Go to

2) Makeup and Beauty Blog is owned by Karen, who needs no introduction. All you have to do is go to her website to see that she is a makeup blogging rock star! From the pictures to the great tutorials, this blog rocks all the way through. Her Youtube channel is equally amazing!

3) Shake Your Beauty is owned by Tia Williams. Tia is an author and former beauty editor for great beauty magazines such as Glamour, Elle, Lucky, and Essence. However, she is most notably remembered for writing, “Iman’s The Color of Beauty”, which celebrates beauty in all colors and nationalities. She was one of the first beauty bloggers on the scene. The site shares a lot of good information. Check it out at

4) Glitter Gloss Garbage is a nice blog. It’s owned by April Coleman out of Jackson, Mississippi. I like her blog because it has reviews of all things makeup, but what I like most is that she has a list of popular blogs that she enjoys, as well. Check it out at

5) Afrobella is very popular blog. It is owned by Patrice Grell Yursik, who is blogger celebrity. She has won The Black Weblog Awards more than once and she continues to rise in rank as one of the top African American blogs. She blogs about makeup and natural hair products for African American women. She may very well be considered an expert on blogging and natural hair at this point. Check it out at

6) Untainted Beauty is a favorite of mine. It is owned by Allison Milligan. Allison blogs about beauty and fitness. I love her blog because it has the cutest theme and this blog encourages guest bloggers. Check out her site at

7) Huda Beauty is owned by Huda Heida Kattan. I love this blog because it is a great-looking blog and it has great tutorials. Check it out at

8) Temptalia is a great blog because it has a foundation matrix to help you match your complexion with your foundation. Another great feature of the blog is the dupe list. Temptalia reviews most brands. Check out this blog at

9) Makeup Mole is a great site and I love it because it is beautifully designed. The owner is Australian-born Christine Mielke, a makeup artist. Check it out at

10) Blinging Beauty is owned by Editor-in-Chief, Tracey Brown, an international makeup artist. The site has product reviews, but it also has contests from time to time. Check it out at

I hope I made your research easier. Enjoy!

Top Five Reasons You Should Try Ponch Cosmetics


Cosmetic brands are plentiful these days, which makes it cumbersome to find the right products. I am a product junkie! I generally try everything just to see what the real difference is in the products. If you are anything like me, you have tried just about everything. Additionally, I am finding more brands each week are displayed in drug stores, department stores, and various other retail outlets.

When I started Ponch Cosmetics, I knew I had to differentiate myself from other brands. What will be my USP (Unique Selling Point)? How can I connect with my customers? How will I get my customers to feel the same passion for my products as I feel?

Conversely, I have spent a lot of money on makeup over the years because I love it. However, I have never spent a ton of money on one item of makeup. After all, it is just makeup! Thus, the number one factor that was important to my brand is affordability. Next, I had to provide three more things that were important to me when I was searching for makeup. Those three things are: 1) color 2) options 3) quality.

Finally, I have the foundation for which to build my brand. Now, here are the things that make my brand special. These are five things that I pride myself for providing value in my products and the five things for which I stand. Individually, these things might not seem so special, but when grouped all together they make a powerful team and statement.

Affordability. Ponch Cosmetics is affordable and moderately priced, but remains full of quality.
Cruelty-free. I never owned a pet, but I still feel we must protect them.
Paraben-free. There has not been substantive evidence proving that parabens in cosmetics cause cancer, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
Color, Color, and more Color. Color is a major barrier and concern for women of color. We need options and variety. Ponch provides both.
Vitamin-rich. Many of my products are enriched with vitamins A, C, D, & E. What that means for my customers is more protection for their skin.

These are not just my selling points, these are facts related to my brand. Besides, I just answered most of your questions in one blog post. Are you ready to try Ponch yet?

People I Cannot Wait to Meet

I have been told that I am one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  I talk to strangers, trees, birds, and food sometimes.  Please don’t get in the elevator with me because I am going to introduce myself.  I just love to meet new people.  I love to engage people and I am curious about EVERYTHING!  I am an extreme extrovert and I make no apologies for it.  

You see, I have a belief that everyone has an interesting story and I want to know all about it.  Even if you are not a talkative person like me, you just never know who you can inspire with your story.  I don’t mind sharing those pieces of me because I consider it liberating.  Likewise, I believe that all people are important.  The life that we live is our legacy.  Therefore, the stories that we share and create about ourselves are our gift to the world.  

I realize that there are stories that are so painful that are not easily shared, but there are blessings in those experiences, as well.  However, I am talking about the simple pleasantries of life that make us unique like where we came from, who we came from, and what they taught us along the way.  

When I travel, I make it a point to learn something new and different about the people around me.  It never ceases to amaze me how we are all so intricately connected to one another by our stories.  I don’t ask questions because I am nosey.  Indeed, I am inquisitive.  Instead, I ask questions to learn and to grow individually.  Learning and understanding someone else’s story can offer each of us a totally and completely different perspective on life.  I truly believe that we are often misunderstood.  

As we walk along in our daily lives, I challenge each of you to stop and think about your story.  Think about how interesting you are.  You should think about how your story makes you unique and different from everyone else.  Your story is another fascinating story that we need to hear.  Who are you? From where did you come?  What do you offer the universe?  These aren’t just questions that I ask my friends.  These are questions that I am going to ask the people I cannot wait to meet.  I cannot wait to meet you and i cannot wait to hear your story! 



Top Three Things Killing Your Confidence

Top Three Things Killing Your Confidence

There is an epidemic in the female species going around called “lack of confidence.”  It has spread like wildfire.  I did not realize it was a problem until I recognized how many women were suffering from the same condition.  However, I have a solution that will help turn this situation around.  There are three things that you need to check because these three will zap all of your confidence.  Your level of confidence will determine your level of elevation.  It is important to our own personal growth that we cure ourselves of this epidemic quickly.  Here are the top three things that we can change:

1) Attitude

Your attitude is the single most important thing that can make or break your confidence.  The things we tell ourselves can convince us good or bad, in one way or the other.  Therefore, when you start to think that you are less than, you will believe that you are.  That is an instant confidence killer.  We have to start thinking the best about ourselves so that we can believe it!  A simple attitude adjustment will do the trick.  In my book, Confidence is More Than a Word, It’s an Attitude, I explain how confidence equals attitude.  When you walk in feeling fierce, you will walk out getting whatever it is you want in life!

2) Appearance

Your appearance isn’t just killing your confidence, it’s killing your swag, too!  It is true that when you look good, you feel good.  So, why not put more effort into looking your best?  Are you still shopping in the Sear catalog circa 1978? When was the last time you tried a new hair style?  Do you think you don’t need makeup…EVER?  Trust me, ladies, we ALL can use a little makeup more times than not!  A dose of modern attire to spruce ourselves up wouldn’t hurt either!  I guarantee you that when you change any of these aspects of your appearance that have been less than par, you will become more confident and YOU WILL attract more of what you want! So, step it up…

3) Fear

Finally, your fears will prevent you from a lot of happiness and success.  It will ultimately interfere with your level of confidence.  The number one thing that prevents anyone from accomplishing anything worthwhile in life is fear.  Those fears range from fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of embarrassment, or any number of negative emotions related to apprehension.  Fear is just a deterrent that breeds insecurity.  The more fearful you become, the less confident you will remain.  Truth is, many of the greatest risk takers in life were probably afraid of something.  However, the fear of never realizing a dream is far worse than attempting and failing.  Fear is paralyzing.  Adversely, the opposite of fear is courage.  Confident people are courageous enough to fail, get up, dust themselves off, and then go win.

Winning is a state of mind, an attitude.  If you want to overcome the “lack of confidence” bug, then you must first conquer your fears.  It wouldn’t hurt to get a makeover in the process. Now watch your confidence level rise!