What Color Are You Wearing?


June sparks National Cancer Survivor’s Day. For the past 27 years the United States has celebrated survivors of cancer. Today we celebrate 14 million cancer survivors in our country and to show our support The National Cancer Organization has designated special colors to wear showing support for a particular type of cancer.

Cancer, which affects all colors and nationalities, affects millions annually. If we have not personally been affected by cancer, we know someone who has. It could be our mothers, sisters, brothers, family, or friends. Some survived, but some did not. In an effort to show our love and support for those who made it and those who did not, let us all wear the colors that represent the cancers that have affected our lives.

Awareness Color—-Meaning

Lavender————All Cancers

Grey—————–Brain Cancer

Gold—————–Childhood Cancer

Dark Blue————Colon Cancer

Periwinkle————-Stomach Cancer

Burgundy————–Multiple Myeloma


Purple——————Pancreatic Cancer

Green——————-Gallbladder or Liver

White——————–Lung Cancer



Plum———————-Honors Caregivers

Light Blue—————-Prostate Cancer

Teal———————–Ovarian Cancer

Yellow——————–Sarcoma/Bone Cancer

Pink———————-Breast Cancer

Peach——————–Uterine Cancer

What do you do if you have several loved ones who have been affected by the different cancers? Wear more than one color on another day for the rest of this month. National Cancer Survivor’s Day lasts for the entire month of June. Therefore, you have all month to support the ones you love.

Now, go be supportive! I’m wearing Pink today. What are you wearing?

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