Top 5 Summer Beauty Goals

Makeup Box

I shop for makeup like I’m at the supermarket.  Each month I do a monthly cosmetics haul.  First, I go to Ulta and check to see which products I haven’t tried and might want to try.  Next, I check to see if there are any new products that have come out yet.  I do the same thing at Sephora, by the way.  Some months I alternate because they each may have different campaigns running.  Finally, I go through all of my stuff and decide which products are best for me during the particular season. If it sounds borderline compulsive, it is! Then next month repeat!

This month I was looking through all of my Summer products and realized that I had the same color theme working in my stash.  I tend to gravitate towards hot pinks, berry, purple, and reds.  I love color. The problem is that I like loud color and I should be changing a little based on the seasons.  For Summer, in particular, I should be wearing more nudes, soft pinks, and pastels.  After all, what could it hurt?

After looking through all of my lipsticks, I decided that I needed to add some seasonal makeup goals to my routine.  After researching the trends, I decided to invest in a few Spring-ish looks on my next Ulta run.  Here’s what I plan to try more of this Summer:

  • Play with colorful eyes.
  • Add a little glitter.
  • Glow with a lot of highlighter.
  • Nude pinks on the lips.
  • Blush with rosy cheeks.


Happy Fourth of July!

Before you go out today to enjoy great barbecue, family and Summer heat, let’s take a minute to remember the relevance of this holiday. Independence Day is the day that the United States of America adopted the Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776, The Continental Congress declared that 13 colonies of The United States were no longer under British Rule.

The observance of this holiday commemorates the bravery of generations of the past who fought for our freedom from an unjust system of government. Even though we separated ourselves from control of a government that sought to undermine our existence and sabotage any attempts of American greatness, we still deal with similar injustices and similar attempts in our country today.

My personal feelings about this holiday and this great country is bittersweet. The United States of America has grown since 1776 from 13 colonies to 50 states, a federal district, and five territories. Even though we are free, we still live in a country dealing with many injustices and grievances like our ancestors with much little recourse from our government.

There is one thing that we as Americans must understand: Change does not happen by happenstance. Political and economic change happens by organization from factions and groups. If we really want change to take place in our country, we must get involved in our communities, cities, and states and effectuate change from the bottom to the top. Like our forefathers, we must stand together against the forces that attempt to disrupt our lives. We can only do this together.

We must understand that there is good and bad everywhere. However, a country is only as good as the people who comprise its makeup. If we want to truly live free amongst our people, we must first learn to live peaceably with our people no matter the color, religion, creed, or political views. While you’re enjoying your family and friends today, think about those countries that do not enjoy the same freedoms and remember to thank God for our freedom and pray for our country and countries around the world. God bless America!