5 Reasons You Need a Daily Skincare Routine

Natural beauty is key

I have always prided myself on my skin. For as long as I can remember, I have taken great care of my skin and it has paid off. It all started when I was in grade school. I was so fascinated with masks and cleansers to make my skin softer and prevent breakouts. Eventually, I even started giving my girlfriends advice on how to protect their own skin.

Over the years, I have learned a few things about how I have managed to maintain pretty clear skin for the most part. Meanwhile, some of my peers have not been as lucky. I have noticed that many have had a few things in common that has caused them to have more frequent skin problems and irritations than normal. For me, having a routine that I have maintained religiously over the years has helped me.

Having a daily skincare routine is necessary if you would to have beautiful supple skin. However, if you do have a routine, but still don’t see any progress, then you should consider a few factors that might contribute to your problem. If you suffer from any of the things I am about to suggest, then you might need a skincare routine. I’m going to give you five reasons that you need a skincare routine to improve your skin.

  1. You wear makeup daily. If you wear makeup daily, then you need a daily skincare routine. The chemicals in makeup can clog your pores and eventually breakouts. A daily skincare routine can help alleviate the problems can come from wearing makeup every day.
  2. You smoke. Without sounding preachy, I’m about to preach! I’m sorry, but smoking is just bad for your skin. Smoking can cause wrinkles and lines in your face. Smoking also speeds up premature aging. I don’t know anyone who wants to speed up their aging process. I can’t tell you not to smoke, but I’m going to do it anyway. Don’t smoke! However, if you do, you need to incorporate a skincare routine as quickly as possible.
  3. Poor diet. If you eat a lot of junk food or fast food, it will eventually show in your skin. Your skin will directly reflect what you put in it. If you put a lot of garbage in it, then your face will eventually look as bad as the stuff that you put in your face. On the flip side, if you eat fruits, vegetables, and plant-based, then you will see a huge difference in your skin. Let’s not forget that water is the best thing for your face.
  4. You’re stressed. Stress kills and makes you look not so great. Stress causes breakouts and
  5. You are acne-prone. Some people have sensitive skin. Typically if that is the case, then you might be acne-prone. You should definitely have a skincare routine if this is you. Finding the right products and using them on a regular basis can help you reduce or eliminate those problems.

I hope this helps you on your skincare journey. Let me know below in the comments if you have a skincare routine. If not, why not?

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