Are you a makeup snob?


You’ve met this chic before.  You ask her what brand lipstick she has on and she pulls out her MAC tube like she’s holding gold straight from U. S. Mint.  You immediately want to tell her, “Girl, bye!” Instead you just sit back and gloat because she just spent $15 on lipstick that’s cute, but you spent $2.99 on your Wet n Wild and you’re cute, too, with an extra $12 in your wallet to go buy more!  Yea, makeup snobs are a trip aren’t they?

A makeup snob believes that your makeup isn’t poppin unless you have to rob a bank to pay for it.  A makeup snob believes that the best makeup only comes from expensive department stores.  Lastly, a makeup snob believes that because she strictly wears MAC, Lancome, or Dior, her makeup game is somehow superior to the budget-friendly shopper that chooses to wear Cover Girl or Maybelline.

Allow me to set the record straight.  Although some brands are marketed as high end products, price alone does not dictate whether its a better product or not for the consumer.  When it comes to makeup, there are many factors to consider that determine what products are better than others.  In particular, your personal skincare needs and sensitivities should determine which products are better suited for you. Cost, location, or prestige should have nothing to do with why you buy your cosmetics products.  Popularity and packaging does not mean better.

However, there are some products that cost more because they contain ingredients that others might not.  Be certain that those are ingredients that you personally need rather than want because someone told you you might need them.

The next time you shop for makeup don’t overlook drug store products because they are in the drugstore.  Cover Girl and Revlon have some of the best lipsticks on the market.  The quality is just as good as MAC and a few dollars cheaper.  Even if money isn’t an issue, maybe convenience is.  Don’t overlook some of the cheaper products because you’re busy being a makeup snob to notice there is very little difference in the quality.  After all, it’s just makeup, gals! Buy that Wet n Wild, girl!  Live a little…

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2 thoughts on “Are you a makeup snob?

  1. Good thoughts as I begin directing my teen towards face paint.
    My favorite lipstick is Sephora Red. Well, I love some of the other colors also but I pay the extra 6-10 bucks because I don’t have to reapply very often. It isn’t a stain but it just lasts longer. To me, the few extra dollars goes further.
    I don’t wear much eye makeup though so I’ll buy Loreal or ELF but spend a little more on mascara (Bare Minerals is my favorite).

    1. Red is always a good choice, Deanna! You should check out the our February post because it will be all about the color “red”. Bare Minerals is a great brand. I actually just suggested someone try it not long ago. If you want a good mascara, try Benefit. It’s great and you should find it at Ulta! Keep me posted.

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