The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Red Lips

I have designated this month “Go Red or Go Home” month.  I believe that we should boldly go into this month wearing lots and lots of red lips! Yes, I meant red lips! If you choose to try to decorate any other part of your body in red, be my guest.  However, I’m going to focus on a very specific part of the body that I believe needs a little extra attention: the lips.

Believe it or not, some people are afraid of the color red on their lips. Surprisingly, those same people don’t realize that red is our friend.  Red isn’t a good for nothing color.  It has purpose and meaning.  It’s bold, adventurous, and cocky! Wearing red isn’t for the faint at heart.  When a woman wears red on her lips, she means business.  Red can also be perfect for a little extra flirtatious behavior.  Red lips can send off any number of mixed messages when worn right.

There are those moments in life when we need to make bold statements.  We need to step out with confidence and courage.  Sometimes a girl just needs an extra pick me up, but doesn’t want to make a huge fuss with her makeup.  That is when red lips will do the trick. I’m going to give you my four ultimate rules for wearing red lips.

  1. Wear red lips when you wear all black.  Black is sexy and slimming, but it’s also dull and lifeless.  That’s where red comes in. Add red to your lips and change your entire look.
  2. If your complexion is fair, wear tomato red lips.
  3. If you’re medium or brown, wear blue-based reds or berry-like lip stains.
  4. The darker you are, the deeper the red should be.  Therefore, if you’re dark brown, then you should try red wines.

These are my four top rules for red! Try them out this month. Go Red or Go Home!


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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Great Makeup



I know we have all had those days when we just don’t feel like doing anything extra when we awaken in the morning, much less add makeup to our faces.  It’s bad enough we have to get up and actually put clothes on, but even on a bad day adding a little makeup is pushing it.  Nevertheless, being a busy diva means that you cannot just leave the house looking any old kind of way.  Indeed,  Beyonce’ woke up like that, but that isn’t the case for many of us.  Therefore, perfection requires work.

Likewise, that doesn’t mean that you’re not already cute, but I mean kickass caliber.  I’m ready for my close-up kind of cute.  That takes a little more work.  For all of you lazy glamazons that want to look great with as little effort as possible, I have created a quick guide to help create an easy makeup job for a lazy day.  Follow these steps and you will totally not look like you’re just winging it.

  1. Get plenty of rest at night.  It’s hard work trying to fix tired, puffy eyes when you don’t feel like it or are in a hurry.  If you don’t want to have to do extra work on your lazy makeup days, then girl, get some sleep.
  2. Always clean your face before bed and when you awaken in the morning.  I suspect Picasso never started one of his masterpieces on a messy canvas and neither should you.  Clean your face daily and save yourself some work trying to cover up blemishes or breakouts.  It will make a tremendous difference when you’re in a rush and you don’t want to have to work that hard.
  3. Skip the foundation.  Instead, blot concealer on strategically placed problem areas.  For instance, if you’re trying to cover dark spots, blot your concealer on the dark spots you want to cover only. Then blend.  Concealer will give you more even coverage.
  4. Make sure your lashes are on point. If you don’t wear lashes, then use a great mascara.  Lashes can make a huge differences in waking up your face.  If you are a lash gal, like me, then you already know to keep those lashes in good shape especially for lazy makeup days.
  5. Groom your eye brows.  Period. Point blank.  If your eye brows aren’t nicely groomed, then your makeup will look lazy.  I’m sorry, but it will.  You can get away with a lot, but not bad eye brows. Don’t be lazy with them!
  6. Finally, top it all off with a pop of color on your lips.  I suggest lip gloss and not lipstick.  Since you’re not wearing a lot of makeup and this is the lazy guide, then you want to look like you’re not trying too hard.  Lip gloss is sexier and a lot less hassle.

This about sums it up.  Inevitably, we all have those days where we need a quick fix for a lazy day. Try these tricks and tell me how they work for you. Let me know what you think below.

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Why Women Who Go From Blah to Beat are the Real Heroines


I have this thing with women who love to brag that they don’t wear makeup like it’s some badge of honor or something. I always tell those women, “okay, I get it!” What I don’t tell the ladies is the real tragedy of being the chic who doesn’t wear makeup EVER is that you’re limiting yourself from so many other growth possibilities. You see, when you reveal the fact that you never wear makeup, you’re essentially telling me that you don’t adapt well to change, you’re possibly not open to growth, nor do you like to learn new things.

After all, are you going to go to that important dinner without wearing any makeup?  You think Angelina Jolie wants to hit the red carpet with no makeup? Is Michelle Obama ever seen at the White House without makeup? Of course, these women would not ever attend any important function in the public eye without that quintessential “beat”.

I see applying makeup as an activity the same as learning how to ride a bike or drive a car. In the beginning it seems hard, but once you get going and doing it regularly you see driving as an activity that makes your life easier. Further, you look good doing it. One might think that comparing applying makeup to driving cars is ludicrous, but it isn’t. They are both two activities that you learn how to do so that it helps you. At first, you might not be that good at it, but over time with practice you can improve your skills. In the end, you benefit from learning.

I started experimenting with makeup when I was five years old. I’m not kidding! My fascination with makeup started early. I think I had mastered how to apply makeup to my face by the time I was in the 6th grade. In those developing years, I learned a lot. The most important thing I learned from applying my makeup is how I could go from blah to beat! One of my colleagues told me years ago that on any given day when I didn’t wear makeup I was just Ponchitta Thompson. However, once I walked in with my makeup and hair on fleek, I was transformed into someone else. That colleague was right! Just like me, you too, can take baby steps to learn to create your own beat face.

That face beat made all the difference for me. My attitude changed, my self-esteem was at an all-time high, and my confidence levels were incredible. When my makeup is done right, I feel like I can take on the world. I’ve had many women tell me they feel empowered in the same way when they get their faces beat.

I think it’s a beautiful thing when you’re naturally confident. The woman who needs no extra confidence boost in the morning when she awakens or the woman that doesn’t need a spike in their confidence by adding lashes or red lips is someone special. To that woman, I applaud you because you’re a rarity.

However, for the rest of us that need that extra pep in our step or the extra jumpstart to boost our morale, I say don’t you dare feel bad because you love the beat. That beat does for us what spinach did for Popeye. It turns us into the strong, courageous women that we need to be to conquer all we must do in this world. I lift my wine glass up to all the women that don’t mind admitting that they love going from blah to beat. Once you start, it will change your life. You’re the real heroines.

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Dr. Martin Luther King wasn’t the only person with a vision for mankind.  Mere mortals like myself tend to have visions of grandeur that transform the human race, but in a very different way. The only difference in our dreams is my dream involves makeup and people.  However, don’t get it twisted! My dreams are just as surreal.

Every night I dream about all I would do if I had all the makeup in the world.   All the good I could do to beautify all of the female inhabitants therein.  I dream about every woman on earth being contoured to death! Every little girl would be wearing pink lips daily!  Every grandma, no matter the age, would be wearing fifty shades of red.  Don’t you dare think my dreams are silly.  They are very significant.

Just like Martin Luther King, Jr. I know my dream would make a difference in the world, too.  All women would feel beautiful and confident.  Women would feel empowered and special.  The makeup that I would share with the world would make every woman colorful and picturesque.  The world would truly be more beautiful.  We would look at people differently and view the world differently because all women would be visually pretty.

My dreams consist of a world full of prettiness and nothing ugly.  Makeup might be viewed as an external fix to some, but it is an internal fix, also.  When you look extraordinarily good, you feel extraordinarily good.  If makeup has the power to revamp and enhance one’s natural beauty, then I don’t think it’s wrong to envision a world in which all women have the opportunity to morph into something visually amazing.

Martin Luther King stated that the March on Washington would go down in history as “the greatest demonstration of freedom in the history of our nation.”  My vision is similar, but with a twist because the same ugliness he wanted to eradicate is just like the ugliness I want to erase in the same way.  Likewise, a nation filled with  pretty faces and colorfulness can only make the world a better place.  I have a dream to put makeup on the faces of as many women as possible one day.  That’s the greatest demonstration of freedom to me. 🙂

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Are you a makeup snob?


You’ve met this chic before.  You ask her what brand lipstick she has on and she pulls out her MAC tube like she’s holding gold straight from U. S. Mint.  You immediately want to tell her, “Girl, bye!” Instead you just sit back and gloat because she just spent $15 on lipstick that’s cute, but you spent $2.99 on your Wet n Wild and you’re cute, too, with an extra $12 in your wallet to go buy more!  Yea, makeup snobs are a trip aren’t they?

A makeup snob believes that your makeup isn’t poppin unless you have to rob a bank to pay for it.  A makeup snob believes that the best makeup only comes from expensive department stores.  Lastly, a makeup snob believes that because she strictly wears MAC, Lancome, or Dior, her makeup game is somehow superior to the budget-friendly shopper that chooses to wear Cover Girl or Maybelline.

Allow me to set the record straight.  Although some brands are marketed as high end products, price alone does not dictate whether its a better product or not for the consumer.  When it comes to makeup, there are many factors to consider that determine what products are better than others.  In particular, your personal skincare needs and sensitivities should determine which products are better suited for you. Cost, location, or prestige should have nothing to do with why you buy your cosmetics products.  Popularity and packaging does not mean better.

However, there are some products that cost more because they contain ingredients that others might not.  Be certain that those are ingredients that you personally need rather than want because someone told you you might need them.

The next time you shop for makeup don’t overlook drug store products because they are in the drugstore.  Cover Girl and Revlon have some of the best lipsticks on the market.  The quality is just as good as MAC and a few dollars cheaper.  Even if money isn’t an issue, maybe convenience is.  Don’t overlook some of the cheaper products because you’re busy being a makeup snob to notice there is very little difference in the quality.  After all, it’s just makeup, gals! Buy that Wet n Wild, girl!  Live a little…

Share with us what your favorite brands are below.


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Four Ways to Build Healthy Self-Esteem

How do you visualize yourself? What thoughts do you have of yourself? Do you allow the opinion of others to make you doubt yourself? These are questions we should ask ourselves when we suffer with “low self-esteem” issues that affect many of us in our lives. Yes, it happens to many us. Yes, it has happened to me.
Webster-Merriam’s definition of self-esteem is “a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities.” Social Media images, celebrities, family, friends, co-workers, and people in authority play a part in making us feel like we should act and look a certain way. Whether you are comparing yourself to someone else or you are looking into someone else’s wishing to have their life, this behavior is not conducive to healthy self-esteem!
Respecting ourselves will allow us to have a better perspective and realize that none of us is the same. Everyone struggles with something. It is so important to love yourself first. Loving yourself should be easy, but there are times when it must be learned. As a teenager, there was a period when I was ashamed of my body because I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Even though I was considered “shapely” in those days, being told that I would never walk again made me have a lowly opinion of myself. Therefore, I developed low self-esteem. As a result, I believed I was no longer pretty, no one would want to be my friend, and my body was grossly disfigured. Then, a family member prayed for me, told me to look in the mirror daily and repeat:
“I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by God.”
Psalm 139:14
However, it was a process and took time for me to believe it and feel it in my heart. As I grew stronger and felt better about myself daily, I had to realize that no one knew I had scoliosis unless I told them because it was not visible to others. Thus, God saw fit to reveal things that man said would happen to me due to the diagnosis that did not happen.
Today I want to remind you that you are unique and different. It is ok to be YOU.

Still, with all of your flaws, you are even more beautiful. Do not allow the lies of the enemy to affect your view of yourself. It’s all about what you feel on the inside that will make your outside shine. Four things you should do daily to improve your self-esteem:
1) Pray.
2) Love God and Yourself.
3) Repeat a scripture and/or affirmations while looking in the mirror.
4) Treat others how you want to be treated.

Life is full of difficulties that can shape our lives for good or bad. It’s all about how we go through those difficulties to help strengthen our character and ourselves. It is ok to feel discouraged, but do not stay that way. Adjust your crown daily and build healthy self-esteem because you are “fearfully and wonderfully made by God.”

Be Encouraged!
Tammie Johnson Porter


Tammie Porter is a motivational speaker who founded “Be Encouraged” ministry and travels all over speaking to women about building healthy self-esteem. Her professional background is in mental and emotional health.  She lives in East Texas with her two handsome sons.

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Facebook: B.E.beencouraged

Twitter: iamtammiej


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Six Ways to Choose Your Cosmetics Products



Years ago, I only wore MAC because I thought that MAC was to makeup what Bentley was to cars. I didn’t know that I was wearing the wrong color foundation for years. My girlfriends and I, all of which were various different complexions, skin types and nationalities, were all wearing NC 45 foundation.

It wasn’t until I had really gotten into paying attention to my products, learning about my skin, and trying others years later that I realized that I had bought into all of the hype like every other girl. I was searching for answers and allowing other people to tell me anything. Instead, I should have sought out my own. Now, I’ve learned a few things and I know the secret that every woman should know when they go to buy makeup. I, my dear, am going to share with you a few things that I have learned along the way that might help you.

 1) Learn your skin type.  Before you purchase any products for your skin you at least need to know what type of skin you have. The basic skin types are oily, dry, combination or normal. I wouldn’t recommend an oil-based foundation for a person with oily skin. That person would look like a glow pop doll! I don’t mean that in a good way. However, when you’re aware of your skin type, then you will know that your skin needs well balanced products in order to produce well balanced skin. Learning your skin type should be your first order of business to figure out the products you should purchase.

2) Determine whether or not you’re battling skin issues. Do you suffer from acne? Do you have wrinkles, brown spots, red spots, sun damage, rough skin, or enlarged pores. These issues need to be addressed before you try to pack on excess makeup on your face to try to cover the problem area. If you’ve tried over-the-counter products for your issue and it hasn’t worked, then I would suggest a trip to the dermatologist before purchasing any new products. Your products could be adding to the problem.

3) Purchase skincare products BEFORE you purchase your cosmetics products. Great skin is always better than great makeup. I know that may seem weird coming from a bonafide makeup junkee, but it’s true. Once you get your skin in proper balance, then the makeup part will become easier.

4) Find out what your skin type requires.  If you’re oily, you need less moisture and oil. If you’re dry, you need more moisture. If you’re combination, then you need a combined balance of the two. My suggestion would be skin care products that cater to your skin type. Cleansers specifically for dry skin or exfoliants that are geared towards oily skin will help combat any of the problems you encounter with your particular skin type.

5) Become very familiar with your skin tone. Are you fair, medium, or dark? Is your complexion warm or cool? These are very important questions to learn. Warm tones are more golden or yellow. While cool tones have more blue in the skin’s undertones. If you’re still not sure, ask yourself which you look better in gold or silver. That will provide more insight. Knowing this information will help prepare you for this one final step.

6) Search for the brand that best suits your skin type and complexion. This is the most important rule when choosing your makeup. If you can answer these six questions with absolute certainty, then you are well on your way to choosing the right products for your skin. Don’t choose your makeup because everybody is buying it or wearing it. Their skin isn’t like yours. Your needs are very different from your friends. Therefore, you must buy those products that are best for you. I have no doubt that your skin and makeup will be amazing once you figure it out.

If you have any questions about this post, respond in the comments below!

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New Year, New Makeup

Each year we clamor to try to make resolutions in order to improve our lives as if we won’t completely forget about those resolutions three months on down the line.  Well, we are four days into 2016 and it’s starting with new beginnings for me.  I decided that I wouldn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, but instead focus on trying to do things differently and things I have never done before.

I have never worn makeup every day, but I decided that it was time for a new normal. I sell makeup; I promote makeup; I endorse makeup. Yet, I only wear it on special occasions. Therefore, today when I awakened I made myself up, but I didn’t just wear my regular makeup. I tried this brand new palette that I’ve had for months, but hadn’t used because I had been using the same palette since I bought it (old habits die hard). Starting this year, I will test every new product that I have in my possession.

How many of us have drawers full of makeup that we never use? Me, for $1,000, Alex! As a makeup lover, I continually buy new makeup each year. Sometimes, I buy so much I forget about it. Not this year. Not only am I going to use it, I’m going to share and let you guys know what I like and don’t like about these products.

This year in 2016 my resolve is to try my new products, play with them and spread the love. If you have any questions about these products, please feel free to leave your comments below. Let’s connect!

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The Top 8 Makeup Brushes That You Need


This time of year has so many advantages. Aside from looking forward to changing weather and colors, we can also look forward to the holidays. In the makeup world, it is also the time of year that MAC promotes their holiday brush sets. Each year as it gets close to the holidays, MAC will advertise their fabulous brushes that are second to none. If you’re looking to finally invest in some great makeup brushes, then you should wait until these sets come out because you can buy five medium-sized brushes for $50, as opposed to one single brush for like $35-$45. The holiday collection is a great deal if you’re looking to obtain some quality brushes.

Nonetheless, I would never recommend that a person just go and buy brushes that you don’t know how to use. However, there are 8 primary brushes that everyone should have in their possession when you first start investing in quality brushes. Here are my top 8 makeup brushes that I think every woman should have in their makeup bag:

1) I’m going to start with the order that I do my makeup. The very first brush you need if you wear foundation is a foundation brush. The foundation brush is flat and synthetic. That’s important because you shouldn’t use a natural-haired brush to apply foundation. Some do, but I prefer synthetic brushes for my foundation.  Synthetic brushes are easier to clean liquids and creams.

2) The next brush is your concealer brush. Its a smaller version of the foundation brush. It’s necessary because it’s perfect for applying concealer in very small concentrated areas on the face.  Because it is used to apply liquids and creams, it also needs to be synthetic.

3) I’m actually going to group the blush brush and contour brush together even though they do two different things. Keep in mind that they are used to go in the cheek area so they are somewhat similar. The blush brush is a smaller version of the powder brush, which will be discussed a little later. However, it is a smaller round brush, whereas the contour brush is slanted and hits your jawbone just right. You will need both of these brushes eventually. Still, start with the blush brush before you run and get your contour brush.

4) The eye liner brush is small and narrow and sometimes angled. Whether you’re shooting for a smokey-eye or you or a winged-eye, the right eyeliner brush can help you accomplish that.

5) There are two eye shadow brushes that every girl needs to give a polished eye shadow look. The first is the flat small eye shadow brush. The most popular one is MAC’s #239 brush that is your basic eye shadow brush. The second is the crease, or blending brush, that allows you to blend your shadow or apply directly in the crease for a more flawless look!

6) The lipstick brush is so much better for your lips than jut applying lipstick directly to your lips. When you use a lipstick brush, the lipstick goes on so much more smoothly than the regular way. Invest in a lipstick brush and use it liberally and see the difference.

7) A Kabuki brush is a short fluffy brush used to fluff or powder your face. Just that simple. It actually does the same as the powder brush, but it’s better to carry in your purse than a regular powder brush.

8) Finally, the powder brush is the final brush that you should use on your face. It gets all excess powder or makeup off of your face. It sets your makeup when you’re finally finished applying. It’s the icing on the cake for makeup application. It’s usually a long, fat, fluffy natural-haired brush.

I hope this comprehensive list helps you when you decide to finally go purchase new makeup brushes. Good luck to you and catch The Ponch Line. If you agree or disagree, feel free to comment below.

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Best Lipsticks for Fall Under $10

2015-01-28 10.31.53

Since the onset of Fall, I realized that it was time for me to get my lipstick game ready for the new season.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing something I love to do: shopping for lipstick at my two favorite drug stores. Yes, my name is Ponch and I shop at CVS & Walgreen’s for lipstick deals.  Please don’t judge me!

Even though I sell my own brand of lipstick for a living, I wear all kinds because I consider myself a true lover of makeup. Therefore, I will try anything from Maybelline to M.A.C.  I truly believe that when you love makeup the way that I do, you will try it all.  When it comes to buying lipstick, I love to try all the brands because they all offer different variations of the same thing.

Lipstick isn’t like foundation where you have to know your skin type and color complexion.  When shopping for lipstick, all you really need to look for are color and cost.  Since it’s just lipstick, I don’t think it’s necessary to go to MAC and purchase a $15 tube of lipstick when I can find it’s color equivalent for $7.99 at CVS or Walgreen’s and sometimes get two for the price of one when they have buy 1 get 1 for 1/2 price deals! Then, I can get two lipsticks for the same cost that the typical MAC shopper would pay for one.  Once I use my EXTRA BUCKS from CVS and my beauty coupons, I usually get them for less than that! That’s what I call winning!  I would like to share my great Fall lipstick finds all for less than $10 at Walgreen’s this past weekend.

The Nudes & Browns

Loreal -$9.99

Nude Ballet

Caramel Solo

Plum Adagio

Loreal Colour Rich Collection-$8.99 (But I got mine for $6.99 on sale 🙂

Julianne’s Nude

Jennifer’s Nude

Eva’s Nude

Burgurndy’s & Reds


Black Cherry

Bronze Beauty

Zoe’s Red (Loreal)

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