Why the Biden Inauguration means so much right now

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

After experiencing the worst domestic terrorist attack in the United States at the U. S. Capitol on January 6, American’s have been searching for some signs of peace. Although Trump and his supporters sought to perpetuate civil unrest in the country, Biden has been trying to promote peace. This is why the Biden’s Inauguration means so much right now.

Americans are searching for answers. It has been 26 years since the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building mishap. Many never imagined Americans would do so much to dishonor their own country. However, that incident as well as the attack on the Capitol proves that America has a lot of healing to do. This is another reason why Biden’s Inauguration means so much right now.

It is unfortunate that our country has so much division at this point. With the amount of power that Donald Trump aroused in this country, he could have easily healed our divided land. Instead, he chose to feed the underlying cancer in our country, which is racism, which fed a monster that could only grow! As the cancer grew, so did the division of our nation. Now we are a country divided. Again, this is why Biden’s Inauguration means so much.

Those of us who are hurting now and those who want to heal are looking for leadership that will promote mending our broken and shattered system. Things must change or we will never be a great nation again. So, on today one of the most important times in American history, everyone is looking for answers to some of the ills of this country. Quite naturally, the first person we are seeking is our leader! We need him and not just for the economy, civil rights issues, or justice but for integrity, patriotism and honor. Those are real characteristics that a true leader must possess.

America doesn’t need another popular president. We need a leader who can bring us together, heal our land, and build us up stronger than before. If Biden does not try to do that, then we will experience another insurrection worse than before. This is the reason why Biden’s Inauguration means so much right now. The world is watching. They need to see America finish strong.

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