Interview With Brandis J, Emcee of 2nd Annual Faces of Beauty Extravaganza

Interview With Brandis J, Emcee of 2nd Annual Faces of Beauty Extravaganza

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Last year was the first year for the Faces of Beauty annual charity fundraiser to help raise funds for Faces of Beauty Foundation.  Ponch Cosmetics is the host of this spectacular event in which we raise funds to help support programs that aid victims of domestic violence.

Brandis Jamerson was the emcee last year and she did such a phenomenal job that we decided to bring her back again.  I recently caught up with Brandis J and here is what she had to say about the event:

Ponch: You emceed the event last year? What led you to do this event again?


Brandis: After the event last year, I received so much encouragement from friends and associates that were at the show. I even received one of the hottest shoutouts in Facebook history from an old classmate. So when the opportunity presented itself I was slightly nervous… But after I thought about the fun we had last year… I just began thinking of how to bring it again this year!


Ponch:  Was this your first time emceeing an event:


Brandis: Yes, it was my first time emceeing and I was a nervous wreck! There is a big difference between doing the welcome at the 3 o’clock service and emceeing a large event.


Ponch:  Did you ever get stage fright?  What happened?


Brandis:  When the time came for me to get the show started all I can remember were seeing all those faces just looking at me and it was definitely intimidating! I just remember my voice shaking and me ready to run back off the stage… After I came back and the crowd begin to engage, it got easier.


Ponch:  You participated at rehearsal last month.  You looked like you were having a good time.  Can we expect some of that foolery at the event this year?


Brandis:  Of course! Anytime I’m in the midst of good company I will be an advocate for a good time! Again, it goes back to the crowd and their participation. The models that are participating this year have great personalities, attitudes, and it was easy to come in and cut up with them! So as long as the attendees get into the show, we have no choice but to GO UP ON A TUESDAY!


Ponch: This is a Bachelor/Bachelorette auction. Do you think this is a battle of the sexes?


Brandis: There is no battle when there’s a woman involved… We always win. Lol


Ponch: Who do you think is going to win?


Brandis: It’s hard to call it because there are so many different flavors for bidders to pick from, and who knows? There are some sneaky ballers out there that may like the shy type or may like their men light skinded… lol I’m thinking I may get the largest amount on the silent auction tho!


Ponch:  Do you think this is a good idea for singles looking for love or to just have fun?


Brandis:  Folks need to come to the event with the mind frame of having fun! If a love story comes out of it then we will give them a shout out at the next show… But one of my disclaimers for the event will be to not expect a relationship as an outcome to your bid… Now what they do with their opportunity is up to them… *sips tea*


Ponch:  What do you consider sexy about a guy?


Brandis: What’s physically sexy to me will always include tattoos… I’ve always been a fan of good art work…. What’s mentally sexy is a man’s ability to show compassion towards me… Unfortunately that combination has been hard to find.


Ponch:  Well, we do have a few studs with A LOT of tattoos! So, if you could build a guy, what would he look like and how would he be?


Brandis: This is a loaded question…

Ponch: Since you’re funny, how important is finding a guy who is funny, too?


Brandis: Any prospect of mine would HAVE to have a sense of humor or we are going to run out of things to talk about real quick.


Ponch: Would you ever ask a guy out?


Brandis: At this point in my life I wouldn’t ask a guy out because that sets a precedent that the man doesn’t have to take on a leadership role within the relationship.   I need a man that’s not afraid to open his mouth!


Ponch:  Who is your celebrity crush?


Brandis: Zac Efron


Ponch:  If you were a guy, would you bid on any of the ladies in the auction?


Brandis:  Heeelllll Yeeahhhh!!! Lol All of em thick wit it! They’re very beautiful ladies.


Ponch:  If you could go back to last year’s event, what would you do differently?


Brandis: I would have spent more time with the models before the show so I can get a better understanding of that makes them tick. That would make it easier to promote their personalities and make them more appealing to the bidders.


Ponch:  Do all your comedic moments spring from the truth?


Brandis:  Yes, 9 times out of 10 I find laughter out of the truth and what has become reality! And if you were to meet some of my family members it would be evident that DNA definitely plays a large part as well! 45


Ponch:  Which person in the auction will make your job easy? (This person just makes you think of funny ish)


Brandis:  DJ Demarcus Sharp is a natural fool and I am so excited about working with him! My other classmate Brian Davis is an inspiration also! They tend to think outside the box!


Ponch: Who are your favorite female comedians? Why?


Brandis: Sommore has always been a favorite for so many reasons! Not only is she representing for the thicker chicks, but her delivery is what makes her comedy stand out. She is blunt, but not abrasive… That is an art form these days.


Ponch: How important is crowd engagement when you’re emceeing?


Brandis: As I mentioned earlier, the crowd’s enthusiasm is so important and is necessary for a successful event! They have got to come ready to participate in this positive movement.


Ponch:  What song gets you excited and ready to go off?


Brandis: Too many songs to count! Lol It ranges from Taylor Swift to Z-Ro. I love music and if the beat is on point then I’m enjoying it!


Ponch:  How important is music when doing an event such as this?


Brandis:     Music sets the tone… The music can make the crowd remember a time  or moment… or it may awaken their ratchet side… either way it helps creates a mood and I know that DJ Demarcus will be able to assess his crowd and give them something to groove to.


Ponch: What’s your educational background?  Have you ever thought of a career in broadcasting?


Brandis: I graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration. I have a passion for the hospitality industry, and I love the idea of traveling. I did attempt, while attending SFA, to become a radio personality with a local station here in Longview. Long story short, being behind a microphone and speaking between songs is not as easy as one might imagine… It takes practice to become an effective radio personality.


Ponch:  What are your thoughts on the issue of domestic violence?

Brandis:   Domestic Violence is an issue that is becoming too common in our communities. Recently I have had the opportunity to be educated on how domestic violence not only affects the person who is being physically and /or mentally abused, but it also affects the friends and family that are around them during this difficult time. In a lot of cases the idea of leaving is not as easy as some try to make it out to be. There is an uncertainty of how the person will survive without their abuser, sometimes there are children involved and the abused doesn’t want to disturb their children’s home environment. There are so many reasons that can deter an abused person to get the help that they need. As a society, and especially as a community, we need to work together to be a form of assistance to those who have been in these violent situations to get out safely.  I’ve experienced domestic violence personally, and I was blessed to get out of that situation before it was too late. So I have a soft spot for those who are facing this on a daily basis and living in fear of the next attack. That’s why I plan to give my all on that stage December 20th! I want to play my role in this effort to raise money for the victims of this horrible crime.


Ponch:  What’s next for Brandis J?  


Brandis:  Hopefully a nap… I’m tired!

What’s next for me is continuing to work with the members of the women’s organization “We’re S.A.S.S.I.” to be a present entity in the Longview Community. We want to provide an environment for the personal growth of women of all races and ages! Please be on the lookout beginning in January 2015. We have some great ideas on the horizon, and we look forward to empowering the women of East Texas through group activity and volunteer efforts!

You can catch snippets of what is to come for this event on Youtube at

To get tickets to this event go to

To learn more about Faces of Beauty Foundation go to


Are You Committing These Sins on Facebook?

Are You Committing These Sins on Facebook?



It never ceases to amaze me. I log onto Facebook thinking I’m going to have the ultimate Facebook experience, but instead I end up feeling like I’m on an episode of Punk’d. The crazy thing about it is that it has become the norm on Facebook to be obnoxious, bipolar or just weird. I am certain that a lot of people don’t realize that they are being annoying because they don’t have the slightest idea how to engage socially. This is where I come in. I don’t profess to be an expert, but I’m a people person and I know people pretty well. Therefore, I have come up with a few cardinal sins that no one should attempt to commit on Facebook. Why? Because I said so, duh! No, really, it just makes you appear socially awkward and will probably scare away your Facebook friends if you do these things. If you can try to steer clear of these social networking blunders, people will probably try not to avoid you when they see you on the street. Here goes:

1) Facebook “poking” is considered subtle flirting. Poking has become one of those tabs that is overused. Go easy on the pokes!

2) Facebook Addiction Syndrome relates to anyone who is unable to log off of Facebook. They literally stay on Facebook all day and all night. If you are this person, join your local support group fast because there are bound to be thousands of others just like ya, bruh. How do you know you have a problem? You continually stay watching updates on your phone ALL FREAKING DAY! Don’t be surprised if you see me in there!
3) Facebook Attention Whores are just that, attention seekers, but on Facebook! They crave attention and Facebook is their platform so they use it to the umpteenth power! They tend to share wayyyy too much information about themselves and their lives on Facebook. They don’t realize that they are inviting all the judgments and criticisms that follow. If this is you, you probably think its cute, but it’s just plain annoying. You might want to try acting classes if you need an outlet to display your drama because you clearly missed your calling!
4) Facebook affairs/cheating start when someone is cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife on Facebook with inappropriate inboxes and messages. They start tagging each other in certain posts and commenting on each others’ pages. You know its not right, but you do it anyway and eventually you exchange telephone numbers. That’s when the normal cheating starts until your significant other finds out and blasts your stupid behinds on Facebook! By this time, half of your Facebook friends had already peeped it with all the inappropriate tags and what not!
5) Facebook Dick Rider is one who always seems to comment on someone’s Facebook statuses, photos, or post. They are freaking relentless! It never fails! I counted my posts in one week and noticed that the same person commented each time I posted! Not only is it creepy, it’s just weird! If you do this, stop it right now! One person’s posts can’t be that dang good to you!
6) Facebook Drama Queen is the same as a Facebook Attention Whore.
7) Facebook Papparazzi are people who are constantly taking pictures to post on their Facebook pages. They don’t care how you look because they will always be ready! They do it as an attempt to make their life look more fun or interesting, but in real life they are far from Angelina and Brad!
8) Facebook hickey happens typically when a female makes her presence known on her significant other’s page to discourage lurking hopefuls from trying to get to them. It doesn’t work. Their inbox still works. See Facebook Affairs.
9) The Facebook Faker is a person that appears super hot in their Facebook pics, but in real life is not so attractive! This is usually a catfish situation, but that aint none of my business!
10) Facebook Gamers send game requests all day!!!! It’s the most annoying thing on Facebook. You reject one, and ten more come just like it! It’s a Facebook cancer that won’t disappear. It has gotten to the point where I have nightmares about Candy Crush. If you’re a Facebook Gamer, get a life! Some of us hate it and we are trying to be nice about it!

Well, there are more. Maybe I will post them in another blog, but for now you get the picture! Go and try to not to commit these sins ever again!