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If you’re in Longview, Texas and you happen to drop by the Longview Mall, chances are you’ll end up at Dillard’s Department Store.  If you walk up to the MAC counter,  you’re likely to run into a very skillfully made up face that belongs to a local rising star in the area named, LaSeanda Wilcott.  LaSeanda, pronounced Luh-Shun-Duh, is one of many certified MAC artists located there.

 In the past few years since she started doing makeup professionally, her clientele has really grown.  LaSeanda did the makeup for the participants of my Faces of Beauty Extravaganza almost two years ago.  Since then, she’s been so busy I haven’t been able to catch up with her. I recently caught a minute of her time to find out what she’s been up to and find out how she’s killing the competition locally with her killer eyeshadow and eyelash deals.  Here’s what she shared with me about her love of makeup:

1) Hey girl, tell me why  you chose makeup?

I love that with makeup you can slightly enhance a person’s look or you can completely transform what the eye sees. Makeup can put a smile on your face or build up a persons self-esteem. 

2) How’d you start at MAC?

I was working for Dillard’s three years ago in the fragrance department,unhappily, bc I don’t like perfume that much & the focus was all about making sales! I was determined to break into the beauty industry as an artist, I started cosmetology school.   However, I had already been doing makeup on the side for a couple of years. A year into working in the fragrance department, I was offered a position at MAC.  I gladly took the opportunity! I’ve since reached several accomplishments within the company including two artist certifications and becoming product specialist for our Longview counter.

3) How long have you been doing makeup?

I’ve been doing makeup for about five years.  I didn’t grow up playing in makeup. In college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. makeup came as I began growing into a young woman and more conscious of my appearance. I began offering makeup services for weddings. That soon turned to photoshoots, events, and party makeup services. I also sold Mary Kay and Avon and took advantage of receiving those products at discount prices to build my freelance makeup artist kit. 

4) What services do you offer besides makeup? I am a licensed cosmetologist so I offer pretty much all hair services: coloring, extensions, cutting, etc. 

5) Any special deals this month?

As a matter of fact, yes! I have a $25 eyeshadow + false lash combo and $20 shampoo +wrap Style.

6) What two tips would you give women about flawless makeup?

Skincare!  Skincare! Skincare! Seek a professional to help select the best products for your skin type whether you go to a department store or drugstore.

There you have it! I think $25 for fierce eyes is a steal even in Longview! Book her today!

LaSeanda ReNeal Wilcott is an East Texas based licensed cosmetologist who specializes in natural hair care, makeup artistry, and extensions. LaSeanda is a certified makeup artist through MAC cosmetics, as well as a a Product Specialist.  She is available for services at the MAC counter or on location including weddings, photoshoots, parties, and any special events. Her services are makeup artistry, extensions, hair care, eyelash extensions, silk press, braiding, color, cutting, and curling.  LaSeanda enjoys spending time with family, painting, singing, and shopping. Here’s how you can contact with LaSeanda:

Facebook: Elle ReNeal Artistry

Instagram: @ElleReNealArtistry

Email: LaSeandaWilcott@gmail.com 

Official Website: laseandawilcott.wix.com/LaSeandareneal

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