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Here’s the Introduction to my upcoming eBook, “Confidence Is More Than a Word, It’s an Attitude”

When I was about ten years old, I made myself up in my aunt’s makeup and went to school. At the time, I was living with my aunt. She left for work an hour earlier than my cousin and I would leave for school. She had no idea that I used to play in her makeup. On this particular day, I had decided that I wanted to take my show on the road and look like all the adults at school because I have always thought I was grown. I presumed that if I did this, then I would look better than the rest of my classmates. At least, that was my assumption! I think I surprised everyone, even myself!


Fashion Fair was the brand and I know I must have used as much foundation as I could on my face. I did not care because in my mind I was fabulous! I will never forget the reaction on the boys’ faces when I walked in the room with all of my makeup and my head held high. John Washington sat in front of me and said, “You look like a monkey!” I still did not care! What did he know anyway? He was just a boy!


Mrs. Stone, my fifth grade teacher, walked up to me and told me to go wash my face. Even then, I thought everyone else had the problem and not me. Regardless of what anyone thought of me that day, I still had my own perception. It was my own personal view of myself that enabled me to walk into that classroom looking totally ridiculous and still feel good about myself.


Today I can tell you that I am still that same girl that will do the most outrageous things and not care what other people think. A few years ago, I had to take a personality test on a previous job to find out what my talents were. It came as no surprise to me that my number one personality trait was my ability to “woo” the crowd, which stands for “winning over others”. That is how my moniker “SashaWoo” was derived. My coworker told me that when I walked in with my makeup and full diva regalia I was no longer Ponchitta Lilly; I was SashaWoo! She was right! Makeup and hair are an immediate confidence boost for me and then I come alive! Hence, the reason I know I was born to sell makeup. I have learned the one thing about me that sets me apart from everyone else. It has nothing to do with my Fashion Fair makeup. That one thing is CONFIDENCE!


These days they call it SWAG, but whatever you call it, recognize the importance of what it is. Then you need to recognize what it can do for you and your image, your career, and your personal life. Whether you need to spruce up your personal or professional life, more self-confidence will help accomplish that.


Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce’ did not become overnight successes due to raw talent alone. They had help! What helps them is their self-confidence. It takes self-confidence to walk into a room full of people that are totally opposite your own personality wearing only a feather or pink hair. After all, that is not the kind of stuff that normal people do every day, right? However, that one thing sets these three entertainers apart. They have learned how to woo the crowd by walking into a room and being noticed. Not everyone has that talent and this is why I am writing this book.


Many people may think that I sell makeup, but I disagree. What I sell is confidence and makeup is a byproduct of my sales. I can tell you that if you can learn how to be self-confident and self-assured, then everything else will be easy.


I have met thousands of women that came to me not wanting my makeup, but a bottle of confidence! That is what I sell them before I sell them one tube of lipstick or foundation. Makeup will not do one single thing for your image if you cannot own who you already are! We are all beautiful and unique in our own special way! No amount of makeup can hide your inner insecurities until you have learned to master the art of being happy with whom you are before you apply any makeup! The purpose of makeup is to enhance one’s own natural beauty. It was not created to mask your own individuality!


When I wrote Confidence Is More than a Word, It’s an Attitude, I was thinking of every woman that looked at another woman and thought I want to be like her! I want to tell that woman, no you want to be a better version of you because who you are is already a first edition bestseller! You just have not learned how to market your masterpiece! I am going to tell you how to do that with class, charm, and charisma. If you want to be
the “It” person that people call or come to, then you have to learn what it means to be confident and get yourself in front of the crowd.


I hardly had to learn how to be confident to woo the crowd. However, I did have to learn how to harness those skills to make them beneficial professionally. When I did, I saw heaven’s gates open! I noticed how people responded to me because of my confidence. I noticed that my self-confidence in interviews, meetings, and new adventures always led to new and better opportunities for me.


If you are reading this book, then maybe you need some more reassuring in this area. I am here to tell you that what you are about to read works. If you apply these simple suggestions to your own personal and professional life, then you will certainly see how your circles will begin to grow and your personal and professional life will benefit. People will want to know who you are and remember your name.


I truly believe that there is an inner “woo” in each of us. All you have to do is learn the right tools to awaken the dragon! Once you do, watch how positively people respond to you! Woo the crowd and win their hearts….




Ponchitta SashaWoo


Confidence Is More Than a Word, It’s an Attitude will be released in the Fall!

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