Join Our Facebook LIVE Stream: Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness is an international movement started as an effort to bring attention to mental illness. Recently with the uncertainty of our global economy caused by the unexpected virus known as COVID-19, many people are stressed over the loss of jobs, lifestyles, education, and housing dilemmas. As a result of COVID-19, the pandemic has caused a lot of chaos and turmoil nationwide resulting in increased anxiety. This in turn has had far-reaching effects on the mental state of many individuals.

Ironically, May is Mental Health Awareness Month to help raise awareness about mental health issues that many face and how we can bring increased attention to the need for care and treatment. There’s no question that the onset of the pandemic has created increased numbers of depression and anxiety. Many people are not even aware of the fact that they may or may not be experiencing signs or symptoms.

Meanwhile, I caught up with my long-time friend, Dr. Pruedence Williams, a licensed psychologist, to talk about the effects that this pandemic can have on our mental state. She will be explaining what we can do to try to help ourselves and to cope during these troubled times.

Our Facebook #LiveChat will be Sunday, May 17 at 1pm CST on my Facebook Profile Page: www.facebook.com/PonchittaSashawoo.

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