Listen to This Podcast if You Need Help With Your Business

The Ponch Line Podcast is my new podcast about misguided entrepreneurship. I, Ponchitta Sashawoo, will be sharing my not-so-great moments while building this brand in hopes that I can save another entrepreneur from falling on their face like I did. If you have started a business and have plans to do so in the future, then you should listen to this podcast if you need help with your business.

I started Ponch Cosmetics back in 2012 and I have experienced everything and I have probably felt every emotion. This is because in the beginning I did everything wrong. On my podcast, I will be interviewing other entrepreneurs who will share similar experiences of setbacks and triumphs.

To listen to the Trailer, click here.

Also, for listening today you receive my business guide on how not to make Online Business Mistakes You may click here to receive the FREE download.

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