What’s Halloween Costume Without Makeup?


Halloween can be one of the wackiest holidays of the year.  Let’s face it, you might see anything! It’s the one day of the year that you can be whomever you choose and no one questions your choice of hair color, clothes or makeup.  Imagination is the trick.  If it is the most creative time of year, then why dress up and use absolutely no imagination when it comes to your face?

For instance, how can one fully get into character as a witch without black lipstick and wing-tipped eyeliner?  Who believes a vampire that doesn’t have a pale face or blood oozing from their mouth? You get the picture yet?

You can try to be the Incredible Hulk without painting your face green, but who does that?  Halloween is a day for the outrageous. How do you create an outrageous image for Halloween? You transform your face from who are you to whom you wish to be.  If you’re fair skinned trying to be a dark-skinned character, then you must use makeup to create such a look.

Next Halloween, release your inner drag queen! Get some loud colors! The louder they are, the better!  If you think you have on enough, then you probably do not.  Add more!  Don’t stop until you become someone else that you do not recognize.  You don’t have a Halloween costume until you’ve added makeup!  Now get to work…

Five Reasons Women Need Makeup



I meet a lot of women that say they don’t wear makeup as if they should receive a Nobel Peace Prize when they tell me. I always have to stop myself from telling those women that I believe that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard women say. Here’s why:

1) No matter how naturally beautiful you are, you’re not that way when you wake up in the morning. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful women on earth without makeup. If they need it, then so do you. Now does that mean you need a lot of makeup? Of course not, but a little here and there never hurt anybody!

2) We are all going to age one day! When we do, we may get bags under our eyes, our skin may become dull, or pale. Well, that is why we need makeup. Makeup can hide all kinds of defects and imperfections. I bet you still think you don’t need it, but I have a few more examples. Keep reading….

3) If you have blotchy skin or unevenly pigmented skin, then makeup can help to even the discoloration in your skin. Uneven skin and discoloration is a common issue among African American women. Our imperfections make us all unique, but some make us insecure. If you can learn makeup tricks to help you hide those things that make you feel less confident, then why not?

4) Monotone skin is also a problem. There is very no color or life. Your face looks dull. Concealer can fix that trick every time.

5) Not only can makeup give an illusion, it can also enhance your beauty. When applied properly, makeup has the ability to transform and enhance an already attractive canvass. All it does is improve. Therefore, women shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss makeup as an evil that should be banished from earth. It is actually a very important staple that should be used liberally amongst women to make them look like rock stars! After all, there is nothing wrong with tweaking what we already have.

Makeup in a Real Housewives world


One thing that the Real Housewives phenomenon has taught us is that women should not be afraid of makeup! As a matter of fact, makeup is our friend! Women like Nene Leakes, Adrienne Maloof, and Teresa Giudice all prove that a little makeup can go a long way! Let’s be honest! Aside from their big personalities would we, the viewers, really take a second look had they not been bathed in makeup galore? Probably not! However, makeup artists and cosmetic companies alike can boast that they played a huge part in the new “Housewives” frenzy because they helped create the divas behind the madness. They have shown the world that anyone can take an unknown, add a little makeup magic and create beauty! After all, that’s what makeup is supposed to do anyway, right?

The Ten Commandments of Makeup


>The Ten Commandments of Makeup

The Ten Commandments aren’t just in the New Testament of the Bible. They are also in the makeup world and I am going to give you the lowdown so that you don’t ever commit any of these cardinal sins and live a long happy makeup life! There are rules to this game and I’m here to make sure you play by them. If you commit to following them, you should have more success with your makeup. 1) Thou shalt protect thy skin.  Never underestimate the value of a good skincare regimen.  The best way to have great-looking makeup starts with great-looking skin. Take care of it and it will take care of you during those spotlight moments.

2) Thou shalt invest in good brushes. Specific brushes serve a specific purpose. They can create a specific look. If you want your look to be flawless and fierce, eighty-six the plastic applicators.

3) Thou shalt match thine foundation properly. We’ve seen it a thousand times, but I can never understand why it is so hard! Get three colors, match them against your lower cheek. Whichever one fades into the skin is the correct color! Boom there it is! Lighter foundation will make you look fake, while darker foundation will make you look older.

4) Thou shalt define thine brows. It doesn’t matter if your eyebrows are too thick or too thin, precision is the goal. At least if they are neatly sculpted, you can then use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the area to get a more polished look. Your eyebrows won’t look as good if they aren’t “clean”. Ultimately, your makeup won’t look as flawless either. Face it, eyebrows can make or break a look.

5) Thou shalt learn how to apply eyeshadow to your own eyes. This will require good brushes again! One of the cool things about makeup is our fascination with color. You will be able to do a lot with your eyes and eyeshadow when you learn how to apply your shadow to your own eyes and learn what colors work well with your eye color and eye shape. If you’re not a makeup artist, then all you have to do is learn what works for your face. That’s easy! All you have to do is practice, practice, practice!

6) Thou shalt go easy on the lashes. Lashes are supposed to enhance your beauty and give you Bambi-like appeal. If your lashes make you look different in a bad way, then you need to change your lashes. Nowadays there are so many different alternatives that it is virtually impossible to get this trick wrong. You can try individual lashes, strips or semi-permanent. In either case, find the lashes that are attractive, but natural-looking.

7) Thou shalt learn to highlight and contour. Oh, this can be tricky, but fun! With enough patience and practice, you can become a pro overnight. Just remember that you want to highlight the areas that people will be drawn to like the center of your face, under-eye, middle forehead, nose, and chin. Then contour those places that recede such as edge of the face, the sides of your nose, and lower bones of your cheeks.

8) Thou shall use bronzer liberally. My favorite staple in the whole wide earth! I love lookingDualpowder like I have been sun-kissed! You get the picture? Forget tanning, bronze, baby!

9)  Thou shalt not be afraid of color on the lips. Nothing lights up your face better than colored lipstick. Sometimes that is all you need. If you have full lips, line them first then fill them in with color. Test your color and try as many as possible. Why? Color is our friend! It brightens, it lightens, and it uplifts!

10) Thou shalt learn thine face and find out what looks work best for thine own face. We are all different. That is what makes us unique. The beauty of it is that what looks good on you may not look good on me, just like with clothes. You dress according to your figure. Well your makeup should be created according to your face, which is a beautiful canvas just waiting for your creativity and imagination. I hope this sums it up. Good luck following these commandments. If you come across any trouble, just remember these tips!




Stop The Makup Madness in 2013


Have you ever looked at somebody’s makeup and wanted to fix it?  I have.  As a matter of fact, I do it daily.  Here are a few tips for a few makeup epic fails I witnessed in 2012.  Make sure you don’t commit these in 2013:

1) Stop Trying to bleach your skin with foundation.  Match your foundation properly!  If you’re wearing concealer that is two shades lighter as your main foundation color because you just want to appear lighter, stop! Not only will it make you look dead, you will look foolish! I’m just saying…

2)  Stop drawing your eyebrows like you’re lining a page in a coloring book.  Not only does your makeup look unnatural, so does your face.  There are stencils you can buy for that, you know!

3) If you turn off the lights and your cheeks light up like a flashlight, then you have on too much.  Rosy cheeks are cute, but clown cheeks are not.  Learn your balance.  Bold isn’t always better.

4) I’m all for full lips, but if your lip line touches your nose, you’ve gone too far.  Line your lips, not the area above or around your chin. Your liner should match your lipstick!

5) Finally, the issue of fake eyelashes has gone too far! The goal should be to look natural.  If you are wearing lashes for every day occasions, then your lashes should look like your very own.  If you’re an actress or model, then you might need something more dramatic.  Fake lashes can ruin a perfectly good makeup job by looking too fake.  When in doubt, less is more!

In 2013, we don’t want you to make these mistakes, so get it right! You never know who is taking your picture these days!