Seven Reasons Why 2021 Will Be the Most Important Year for Black History Month

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Move over January because February is here bringing red roses and Black History! This month is usually remembered for lovers, but not this time. This February, 2021 will prove to be a very important year. It will be remembered for many reasons, but 2021 will be remembered mainly as the most important year for Black History Month. I am giving you seven reasons why.

Despite Covid sweeping through and wreaking havoc on the entire world, there were some highlights. The pandemic caused global shortages and shutdowns in massive proportions. Many governments did not know how to respond to some of the issues and many concessions had to be made. Most of these allowances would help the black community. We gained access to resources, funding, and information that had not been available prior to now. These gains, if used wisely, can help black people in ways we can only imagine. Simply by exercising prudence with the resources given, then we can make some real momentum in the advancement of colored people. Ultimately, creating historical moments that will invigorate history books to reflect the true heroic moments for black people. These are some reasons why 2021 will be the most important year for Black History.

However, that was not it! There are more reasons 2021 will be the most important year for black history. Here are my seven reasons why 2021 will be the most important year for Black History Month:

  1. We now have our first African American female Vice-President of the United States. She is a graduate of a historically black college. She is an attorney by trade. She is a wife. She is a mother (step-mother to Cole and Ella Emhoff). She is Bomb! She now holds the second highest role in the United States. We, African Americans, cannot take this for granted! We must not beat our chests because there is much work to do! We MUST roll up our sleeves and prepare to do our parts because we now have someone in office who looks like us! She was sworn into office January 2021 and that makes Black History Month that much sweeter in February. We can sit back with pride knowing that we have much to celebrate this month.
  2. Legendary icon, Cicely Tyson, dies at 96 years of age. She was literally the Black Mother of all mothers in the black community. She tore down walls, kicked in doors, and broke many barriers. When she opened her mouth to speak, black people listened. When she appeared on our television screens, we stopped to gaze in awe of her talent. She was well respected and there will never be another Cicely Tyson! I truly believe that is the reason we were allowed to have her for so long. Her gift was sooooo important and impactful. Her legacy will remain forever. A legacy that will remain important to the history of black culture.
  3. Georgia now has its first African American Senator, Raphael Warnock. As a native of Georgia, he comes with his own impressive resume. After the 2020 elections, black voters in Georgia had enough! When it was time for their runoff election in January for two Senate seats, the black voters in Georgia said we got time today! As Republican voters tried to hold on to their power in the Senate and in the State of Georgia, the black voters of Georgia said “NOT TF TODAY!” They stood unified and they stood strong. Their consensus, acts of bravery, and courage allowed the Democrats to take the majority lead in the United States Senate. That is a heck of a historical moment for African American history. One that will be recognized in history books as important and compelling.
  4. The reality of white privilege and systemic racism was radically exposed and turned on its head during the attack on The Capitol. For years, blacks have debated the existence of white privilege and racism in America while white America has walked around with blinders on. However, after the insurrection at The Capitol in Washington, D.C., it was pretty hard to deny what was so evident right before our very eyes. The large majority of the rioters at the Capitol were white middle-class Americans clearly attempting a coupe on American soil and receiving the most lenient treatment as they tried to overthrow the government!!!! Like, where TF do they do this? The grim reality of these acts of sedition is that an African American would have been sentenced to death. As our court systems currently prove that 80% of the convictions of African Americans are far harsher for way less crimes. Therefore, America has some explaining to do! It is going to be very, very important moving forward to see how America responds to the treatment of African Americans in the future while clearly giving so many white Americans a slap on the wrist.
  5. Amanda Gorman becomes the first African American poet laureate to recite a spoken word poem at Joe Biden’s Inauguration and Super Bowl. Can someone say huge? Did I mention that she is a Harvard graduate and only 22 years of age? Amanda Gorman was born a twin with major developmental delays and a speech impediment. Still, she has published two books. Something tells me that we will hear so much more about this beautiful black woman in the future. Her gifts have certainly made room for her! Now the history books are making space, as well.
  6. The largest number of grants ever were offered to African American businesses! It started with stimulus checks and then eventually small business loans and grants. Before it was all over, private industry followed suit and just started giving money away to African American businesses and underrepresented communities! As an entrepreneur, that is the gift that keeps on giving. Capital is the biggest problem that African American small businesses face. Prior to the pandemic, we are systemically denied access to loans and opportunities. Well, all of that has changed. More African American businesses have received assistance like never before. Now African Americans can’t hide behind this excuse anymore. Now, it’s up to us to put our money where our mouth is. The American Dream is no longer so far-fetched. It’s now closer than we think. This will be duly noted in history.
  7. The vaccination is being administered and available at record numbers to African Americans. It has been no secret that Covid has affected the black community in large numbers. In 2020, a vaccine was created. Now the President is trying to make it available to the people who need it most: African

Americans and other low-income groups. Currently, it is still too early to determine who all will receive vaccines and its effects, but if all of the groups get help, then that will be a huge win for the black community. If successful, it will prove to be a historical victory, as well! It can never erase what the Tuskegee Airmen experiment did, but it can certainly ease our memory a bit.

African Americans have so much to celebrate this year. Yet, we still have so far to go to attain equality and fairness in this country. We cannot become complacent. We must continue to strive to push the advancement of African Americans in this country. That can only help to unify us as a nation and global power. This can only happen with the support and recognition of black history. This is why 2021 is proving to be the most important year for Black History Month! So far, we are off to a pretty good start! To learn Why the Biden Administration Means So Much Right Now, click here.

How much do you know about Black History and what do was teach about black history in school?

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