Stop The Makup Madness in 2013

Have you ever looked at somebody’s makeup and wanted to fix it?  I have.  As a matter of fact, I do it daily.  Here are a few tips for a few makeup epic fails I witnessed in 2012.  Make sure you don’t commit these in 2013:

1) Stop Trying to bleach your skin with foundation.  Match your foundation properly!  If you’re wearing concealer that is two shades lighter as your main foundation color because you just want to appear lighter, stop! Not only will it make you look dead, you will look foolish! I’m just saying…

2)  Stop drawing your eyebrows like you’re lining a page in a coloring book.  Not only does your makeup look unnatural, so does your face.  There are stencils you can buy for that, you know!

3) If you turn off the lights and your cheeks light up like a flashlight, then you have on too much.  Rosy cheeks are cute, but clown cheeks are not.  Learn your balance.  Bold isn’t always better.

4) I’m all for full lips, but if your lip line touches your nose, you’ve gone too far.  Line your lips, not the area above or around your chin. Your liner should match your lipstick!

5) Finally, the issue of fake eyelashes has gone too far! The goal should be to look natural.  If you are wearing lashes for every day occasions, then your lashes should look like your very own.  If you’re an actress or model, then you might need something more dramatic.  Fake lashes can ruin a perfectly good makeup job by looking too fake.  When in doubt, less is more!

In 2013, we don’t want you to make these mistakes, so get it right! You never know who is taking your picture these days!


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