Day 1 of 28 Days of Skincare

28 Day Skincare Challenge

Why Women Who Go From Blah to Beat are the Real Heroines

I have this thing with women who love to brag that they don’t wear makeup like it’s some badge of honor or something. I always tell those women, “okay, I get it!” What I don’t tell the ladies is the real tragedy of being the chic who doesn’t wear makeup EVER is that you’re limitingContinue reading “Why Women Who Go From Blah to Beat are the Real Heroines”

Six Ways to Choose Your Cosmetics Products

  Years ago, I only wore MAC because I thought that MAC was to makeup what Bentley was to cars. I didn’t know that I was wearing the wrong color foundation for years. My girlfriends and I, all of which were various different complexions, skin types and nationalities, were all wearing NC 45 foundation. ItContinue reading “Six Ways to Choose Your Cosmetics Products”

Interview With Brandis J, Emcee of 2nd Annual Faces of Beauty Extravaganza

“Folks need to come to the event with the mind frame of having fun!”–Brandis J

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