Meghan Markle’s Bridal Makeup


If you like fairy tales, unconventional love stories, and timeless beauty, then you were probably amongst the other 29 million viewers tuning in to watch #TheRoyalWedding of Prince Henry Charles Albert David to Rachel Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19. To those that think rising as early as 4 a.m. American time just to gawk at the likes of British royalty is absurd, let me assure you that The British did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, the event turned out to be quite enlightening and entertaining.

I could literally write about all of the things that I found fascinating about the wedding from the classy British toppers to the dapper British digs. However, there’s only one major detail that needs to be discussed for the purpose of this blog that cannot be ignored or downplayed. That detail is the absolute flawlessness of the bride’s simple bridal makeup. If anyone missed the memo about less being more, then please refer to The Duchess of Sussex; she got it right.

Now it doesn’t hurt to point out that she is naturally, strikingly beautiful. Likewise, her natural wedding day glow didn’t make it any less so. In my amateur opinion, her makeup was not just perfect for a royal wedding, but any wedding. Personally, I think her bridal makeup would be a good reference for any bride trying to achieve a more natural beauty look.

How does one achieve this look so effortlessly displayed by Royals? By focusing on these key focal points, these tips can help you create a more natural bridal look like Meghan’s.

1) Instead of choosing a heavy foundation, you might choose a tinted moisturizer or foundation stick which isn’t as heavy on the skin. The goal is to have your makeup look weightless, not packed on or caked.
2) The cheeks should be two shades darker than the natural skin tone and not rosy or pink. The key is to create a cheeky effect without looking cheesy. Dark, but soft and subtle colors on the cheeks achieve this look.
3) Meghan has beautiful amber-colored eyes so her eyeliner was lightly tinted with brown eyeliner or you can achieve this look with gray, but not black. Brown or gray give a more natural look without making the eyes look too dark or defined. Again, softness is the goal here. Brown actually works well with darker skin, also.
4) The eyebrows are lightly penciled with light brown, not black or dark brown due to the fairness of her skin. A darker color would create a less natural effect. By making the eyebrows brown but not too dark, the color actually shapes her eyes giving her a more dramatic look.
5) Finally, a soft pale pink on the lips creates the perfect hint of color without too much.

Boom! There you have it! This is how a princess was created!

By following all five of these steps, you can achieve the Meghan Markle bridal look and look as naturally beautiful as she did on her wedding day! What are your bridal tips to help achieve that beautiful, natural glow?




Dr. Martin Luther King wasn’t the only person with a vision for mankind.  Mere mortals like myself tend to have visions of grandeur that transform the human race, but in a very different way. The only difference in our dreams is my dream involves makeup and people.  However, don’t get it twisted! My dreams are just as surreal.

Every night I dream about all I would do if I had all the makeup in the world.   All the good I could do to beautify all of the female inhabitants therein.  I dream about every woman on earth being contoured to death! Every little girl would be wearing pink lips daily!  Every grandma, no matter the age, would be wearing fifty shades of red.  Don’t you dare think my dreams are silly.  They are very significant.

Just like Martin Luther King, Jr. I know my dream would make a difference in the world, too.  All women would feel beautiful and confident.  Women would feel empowered and special.  The makeup that I would share with the world would make every woman colorful and picturesque.  The world would truly be more beautiful.  We would look at people differently and view the world differently because all women would be visually pretty.

My dreams consist of a world full of prettiness and nothing ugly.  Makeup might be viewed as an external fix to some, but it is an internal fix, also.  When you look extraordinarily good, you feel extraordinarily good.  If makeup has the power to revamp and enhance one’s natural beauty, then I don’t think it’s wrong to envision a world in which all women have the opportunity to morph into something visually amazing.

Martin Luther King stated that the March on Washington would go down in history as “the greatest demonstration of freedom in the history of our nation.”  My vision is similar, but with a twist because the same ugliness he wanted to eradicate is just like the ugliness I want to erase in the same way.  Likewise, a nation filled with  pretty faces and colorfulness can only make the world a better place.  I have a dream to put makeup on the faces of as many women as possible one day.  That’s the greatest demonstration of freedom to me. 🙂