Eight Things You Could Do If You Win The $1.6 Billion Lottery



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You don’t have to be a gambler to know that the Texas Lottery Mega Million Jackpot is now estimated at $1.6 Billion.  It doesn’t matter if you gamble or not nor does it matter that the odds of winning are a mere 1 and 302, 575, 350.   I think a person would probably have better luck winning an Oscar Award than winning the lottery.  These odds are crazy, but people still play in the hopes that they can win.

I never play the lottery.  I rarely ever buy scratch-offs, but the thought of what I could do with $1.6 billion has given me night sweats just thinking about it.  I thought about how many people won the lottery and became broke within years of winning.  I didn’t want to share their same fate.

So, I started to seriously consider the great things people could do if one was to win the lottery.  You can’t even spend this kind of money in one lifetime.  This kind of money is generational.  It could set you and your family up for ages.  However, this money is also considered a blessing to be used to help others.  When we are blessed, we aren’t supposed to hoard our blessings.  Therefore, you must be strategic.  Here are a few life-changing suggestions for you in case you have the lucky numbers:

  1. Pay  your tithes first and foremost.  If you are a spiritual person, then you know that there was a higher being involved in the receipt of that blessing.  The best way to pay it forward is to start by giving back to the church.  Ten percent won’t put a dent in your billions. So, why not?
  2. Pay your student loans or your children’s if you have them.  Education is a blessing, but it is so expensive.  I have incurred so much debt just in student loans alone.  Even though both of my daughter’s are done with college, they now have student loan debt. The very first thing I would do if I win the lottery is erase all of our student loan debts.  Then I would offer to pay someone else’s. You could also go back to school and pay cash.
  3. Get life insurance policies  for your family.  If you have it already, increase yours by $250,000 each.  That’s a bit extravagant for life insurance, but it’s better to have too much insurance than not enough.  My current policy is only $25,000.  These days funerals are expensive so I don’t want anyone to have any trouble burying us.  My children will have instructions to NOT have an extravagant funeral for me, but they will be able to bury me without having to start a “Go Fund Me” Page.  Make sure you have life insurance and a will instructing your loved ones on how to handle your estate.
  4. Get the best medical insurance you can find.  In addition to costly student loans, medical expenses are right up there with them.  I want to make sure that we have enough medical, dental and life insurance to protect us against any type of major bill that might affect our lives.  Make sure your family is covered with medical, dental, vision, and prescription benefits.
  5. Donate to our homeless. Please don’t believe that all homeless people are lazy, addicted to drugs, or crazy.  You never know someone’s story, but be willing to help them anyway.  It’s not our job to judge.  We are here to be of service.  What better way to help than to use your newfound wealth with the less fortunate!
  6. Get involved with politics.  Almost every single amenity that we enjoy in life is regulated in some way by the government.  Most people don’t get involved with politics because they don’t understand.  One thing that the rich know that we don’t is that you have to be involved in the process to remain rich.  Now that you have millions, you might want to protect that money.  The best way to do that is to get involved in politics. Donate to your state and local campaigns of your respective political party. Sit back watch how you now have influence in your every day life.
  7.  Start a business.  Leave a legacy for your kids and their kids.  Ponch Cosmetics  is my baby.  If I had a million dollars I would infuse that money in my business so that I can finally be able to compete with ninja brands like Revlon, MAC, Stila, Avon, Loreal, and Mary Kay.  A $1 million cash infusion could easily take my business to the next level.  This could set my children up in more ways that just playing with the lottery.
  8. Finally, take one year off and travel around the world.  They say travel is the best teacher.  I must agree. The best way to learn about people and other societies is to just go and immerse yourself in their culture.  Then just explore this huge world and absorb all you can from it.  You will then gain the best education about life.

To win the lottery doesn’t just mean that its a blank check to just go ham with a lot of money.  The true blessing is in your ability to give back and do more.  Don’t think it’s a chance to just buy cars, clothes, jewelry and things that don’t mean anything.  This is your chance to give and do like you’ve never done before and watch how your blessing will keep going for another 30 generations.

Have you ever won a lump sum before?  Tell us how you would spend your billions if you won the lottery.


Meghan Markle’s Bridal Makeup


If you like fairy tales, unconventional love stories, and timeless beauty, then you were probably amongst the other 29 million viewers tuning in to watch #TheRoyalWedding of Prince Henry Charles Albert David to Rachel Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19. To those that think rising as early as 4 a.m. American time just to gawk at the likes of British royalty is absurd, let me assure you that The British did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, the event turned out to be quite enlightening and entertaining.

I could literally write about all of the things that I found fascinating about the wedding from the classy British toppers to the dapper British digs. However, there’s only one major detail that needs to be discussed for the purpose of this blog that cannot be ignored or downplayed. That detail is the absolute flawlessness of the bride’s simple bridal makeup. If anyone missed the memo about less being more, then please refer to The Duchess of Sussex; she got it right.

Now it doesn’t hurt to point out that she is naturally, strikingly beautiful. Likewise, her natural wedding day glow didn’t make it any less so. In my amateur opinion, her makeup was not just perfect for a royal wedding, but any wedding. Personally, I think her bridal makeup would be a good reference for any bride trying to achieve a more natural beauty look.

How does one achieve this look so effortlessly displayed by Royals? By focusing on these key focal points, these tips can help you create a more natural bridal look like Meghan’s.

1) Instead of choosing a heavy foundation, you might choose a tinted moisturizer or foundation stick which isn’t as heavy on the skin. The goal is to have your makeup look weightless, not packed on or caked.
2) The cheeks should be two shades darker than the natural skin tone and not rosy or pink. The key is to create a cheeky effect without looking cheesy. Dark, but soft and subtle colors on the cheeks achieve this look.
3) Meghan has beautiful amber-colored eyes so her eyeliner was lightly tinted with brown eyeliner or you can achieve this look with gray, but not black. Brown or gray give a more natural look without making the eyes look too dark or defined. Again, softness is the goal here. Brown actually works well with darker skin, also.
4) The eyebrows are lightly penciled with light brown, not black or dark brown due to the fairness of her skin. A darker color would create a less natural effect. By making the eyebrows brown but not too dark, the color actually shapes her eyes giving her a more dramatic look.
5) Finally, a soft pale pink on the lips creates the perfect hint of color without too much.

Boom! There you have it! This is how a princess was created!

By following all five of these steps, you can achieve the Meghan Markle bridal look and look as naturally beautiful as she did on her wedding day! What are your bridal tips to help achieve that beautiful, natural glow?

Top Five Reasons You have More Facebook Lurkers Than Likers



You ever wonder how you have 1500 Facebook friends, but you never hear a peep from half of them?  Then you post an amazing topic and leave it up for a week, but only 100 likes and barely any comments! What about the great pics you posted from the beach? Wait, I lost weight for those suckers just so I could post! Still, nothing!  

I have finally learned that no matter how great your posts and your pics are, there are still numerous people on your Facebook friends list that will never like or comment on your posts.  These people are habitual lurkers and they are happy as such.  They get on just to scroll through timelines, but you never know they’re there until they mention your post topics or pics in general conversation some where.  That’s how you know that these individuals are watching, but they are NEVER going to say anything.  There isn’t much you can do about it.  However, I have compiled a list of the main types of lurkers and the real reasons why they lurk.  Here goes:


1) Some FB friends are just nosey.  They don’t want you to know it, though.  They live for the drama, the break ups, the make ups, the gossip, and secret groups.  If it weren’t for Facebook, they would never know anything about anyone.  However, they must appear like they don’t care.  Don’t let them fool you.  They know everyone in their friends list and they can tell you their every move….if they post it on Facebook!

2) Some of your FB friends are afraid to appear stupid.  These are the friends with whom I sympathize.  Intelligent rants aren’t their strong suit.  Therefore, silence is their friend.  There is nothing you can do about it unless you want to go back and educate them.  Spelling might be a problem for them, as well.  They are probably a bit grammatically challenged, but it’s just safer to remain quiet.  Thus, they lurk.

3) Some of your exes are afraid of what their current spouses or significant others’ will say.  They are watching, too, you know? Your ex wants to comment on those throwback pictures you posted, but they can’t.  They know if they do, they will catch all kinds of crap from their significant other who peruses their page faithfully just to see if any exes are posting anything inappropriate.  They know ALL about you! To try to keep the peace, your ex just can’t! That’s why they have their friends do it! It’s called Ex-gate! You can’t win against ex-lurkers. Just cross them off your like list.  Not a bad idea to delete them just to keep the drama at a minimum. 

4) Some just lack confidence. They weren’t popular in school and they rarely talk to people now.  They still have a problem with their extreme shyness.  They want to connect, but they haven’t yet learned how. Wait on it! They might come around.

5) Some of your FB friends are groupies and not fans.  The case of groupie-gate is serious! Haters are real and they follow you on Facebook.  They don’t care anything about you, your life, or your struggle, but they follow you so they can witness firsthand.  Then, go back and discuss with their friends.  I call them groupies and not fans because don’t love the people they stalk; they just need something to talk about.  Facebook groupies aren’t any different.  No sense in deleting them either because they will just go to their friends page and lurk from there.  I kind of like my groupies because I make sure I give them plenty to discuss.  Never a dull moment on my page.

This is how you handle the above group of Facebook friends: accept them.  They might not be worth a good debate in a post, but they sure make your friends list look good. They aren’t a complete wash.  Revel in it.