Day 1 of 28 Days of Skincare

28 Day Skincare Challenge

Eight Things You Could Do If You Win The $1.6 Billion Lottery

    You don’t have to be a gambler to know that the Texas Lottery Mega Million Jackpot is now estimated at $1.6 Billion.  It doesn’t matter if you gamble or not nor does it matter that the odds of winning are a mere 1 and 302, 575, 350.   I think a person would probablyContinue reading “Eight Things You Could Do If You Win The $1.6 Billion Lottery”

Great Skincare Tips for Fall

  Fall officially arrived on September 22 and will end on December 21.  When she arrived, she didn’t make a lot of noise this year.  As a matter of fact, Fall came quietly.  The falling of the leaves and the greenery of the trees were unusually subdued.  If you weren’t paying attention to these climateContinue reading “Great Skincare Tips for Fall”

Top 5 Summer Beauty Goals

I shop for makeup like I’m at the supermarket.  Each month I do a monthly cosmetics haul.  First, I go to Ulta and check to see which products I haven’t tried and might want to try.  Next, I check to see if there are any new products that have come out yet.  I do theContinue reading “Top 5 Summer Beauty Goals”

BeyChella 2018: Sorry Not Sorry!

Whether you attended Coachella in the flesh or watched Beyonce’s awe-inspiring performance on Youtube, there’s no denying the fact that Bey wasn’t playing games with her performance at the festival.  Not only did the performer make history by becoming the first black woman to headline at Coachella, she also killed by incorporating her feminist andContinue reading “BeyChella 2018: Sorry Not Sorry!”

What I look forward to in 2017

Last year I had so much for which to be thankful.  Looking back, I can’t help but think about all the highs and lows.  The first part of the year is always the most exciting for me.  That is the time in which I start to put my plans in motion.  I use previous yearsContinue reading “What I look forward to in 2017”

Top Five Reasons Women Should Watch NBA Play-Offs

Yes, I am a girlie-girl and I am making this announcement! I believe that all women should watch sports, especially single women! Yes, I love makeup and no, I don’t like to waste the pretty. However, basketball is not a waste of our time. I truly believe there are a few things that we canContinue reading “Top Five Reasons Women Should Watch NBA Play-Offs”

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