Five Reasons Women Need Makeup


I meet a lot of women that say they don’t wear makeup as if they should receive a Nobel Peace Prize when they tell me. I always have to stop myself from telling those women that I believe that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard women say. Here’s why:

1) No matter how naturally beautiful you are, you’re not that way when you wake up in the morning. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful women on earth without makeup. If they need it, then so do you. Now does that mean you need a lot of makeup? Of course not, but a little here and there never hurt anybody!

2) We are all going to age one day! When we do, we may get bags under our eyes, our skin may become dull, or pale. Well, that is why we need makeup. Makeup can hide all kinds of defects and imperfections. I bet you still think you don’t need it, but I have a few more examples. Keep reading….

3) If you have blotchy skin or unevenly pigmented skin, then makeup can help to even the discoloration in your skin. Uneven skin and discoloration is a common issue among African American women. Our imperfections make us all unique, but some make us insecure. If you can learn makeup tricks to help you hide those things that make you feel less confident, then why not?

4) Monotone skin is also a problem. There is very no color or life. Your face looks dull. Concealer can fix that trick every time.

5) Not only can makeup give an illusion, it can also enhance your beauty. When applied properly, makeup has the ability to transform and enhance an already attractive canvass. All it does is improve. Therefore, women shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss makeup as an evil that should be banished from earth. It is actually a very important staple that should be used liberally amongst women to make them look like rock stars! After all, there is nothing wrong with tweaking what we already have.

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