The Top 8 Makeup Brushes That You Need


This time of year has so many advantages. Aside from looking forward to changing weather and colors, we can also look forward to the holidays. In the makeup world, it is also the time of year that MAC promotes their holiday brush sets. Each year as it gets close to the holidays, MAC will advertise their fabulous brushes that are second to none. If you’re looking to finally invest in some great makeup brushes, then you should wait until these sets come out because you can buy five medium-sized brushes for $50, as opposed to one single brush for like $35-$45. The holiday collection is a great deal if you’re looking to obtain some quality brushes.

Nonetheless, I would never recommend that a person just go and buy brushes that you don’t know how to use. However, there are 8 primary brushes that everyone should have in their possession when you first start investing in quality brushes. Here are my top 8 makeup brushes that I think every woman should have in their makeup bag:

1) I’m going to start with the order that I do my makeup. The very first brush you need if you wear foundation is a foundation brush. The foundation brush is flat and synthetic. That’s important because you shouldn’t use a natural-haired brush to apply foundation. Some do, but I prefer synthetic brushes for my foundation.  Synthetic brushes are easier to clean liquids and creams.

2) The next brush is your concealer brush. Its a smaller version of the foundation brush. It’s necessary because it’s perfect for applying concealer in very small concentrated areas on the face.  Because it is used to apply liquids and creams, it also needs to be synthetic.

3) I’m actually going to group the blush brush and contour brush together even though they do two different things. Keep in mind that they are used to go in the cheek area so they are somewhat similar. The blush brush is a smaller version of the powder brush, which will be discussed a little later. However, it is a smaller round brush, whereas the contour brush is slanted and hits your jawbone just right. You will need both of these brushes eventually. Still, start with the blush brush before you run and get your contour brush.

4) The eye liner brush is small and narrow and sometimes angled. Whether you’re shooting for a smokey-eye or you or a winged-eye, the right eyeliner brush can help you accomplish that.

5) There are two eye shadow brushes that every girl needs to give a polished eye shadow look. The first is the flat small eye shadow brush. The most popular one is MAC’s #239 brush that is your basic eye shadow brush. The second is the crease, or blending brush, that allows you to blend your shadow or apply directly in the crease for a more flawless look!

6) The lipstick brush is so much better for your lips than jut applying lipstick directly to your lips. When you use a lipstick brush, the lipstick goes on so much more smoothly than the regular way. Invest in a lipstick brush and use it liberally and see the difference.

7) A Kabuki brush is a short fluffy brush used to fluff or powder your face. Just that simple. It actually does the same as the powder brush, but it’s better to carry in your purse than a regular powder brush.

8) Finally, the powder brush is the final brush that you should use on your face. It gets all excess powder or makeup off of your face. It sets your makeup when you’re finally finished applying. It’s the icing on the cake for makeup application. It’s usually a long, fat, fluffy natural-haired brush.

I hope this comprehensive list helps you when you decide to finally go purchase new makeup brushes. Good luck to you and catch The Ponch Line. If you agree or disagree, feel free to comment below.

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