The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Red Lips

I have designated this month “Go Red or Go Home” month.  I believe that we should boldly go into this month wearing lots and lots of red lips! Yes, I meant red lips! If you choose to try to decorate any other part of your body in red, be my guest.  However, I’m going to focus on a very specific part of the body that I believe needs a little extra attention: the lips.

Believe it or not, some people are afraid of the color red on their lips. Surprisingly, those same people don’t realize that red is our friend.  Red isn’t a good for nothing color.  It has purpose and meaning.  It’s bold, adventurous, and cocky! Wearing red isn’t for the faint at heart.  When a woman wears red on her lips, she means business.  Red can also be perfect for a little extra flirtatious behavior.  Red lips can send off any number of mixed messages when worn right.

There are those moments in life when we need to make bold statements.  We need to step out with confidence and courage.  Sometimes a girl just needs an extra pick me up, but doesn’t want to make a huge fuss with her makeup.  That is when red lips will do the trick. I’m going to give you my four ultimate rules for wearing red lips.

  1. Wear red lips when you wear all black.  Black is sexy and slimming, but it’s also dull and lifeless.  That’s where red comes in. Add red to your lips and change your entire look.
  2. If your complexion is fair, wear tomato red lips.
  3. If you’re medium or brown, wear blue-based reds or berry-like lip stains.
  4. The darker you are, the deeper the red should be.  Therefore, if you’re dark brown, then you should try red wines.

These are my four top rules for red! Try them out this month. Go Red or Go Home!


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