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The best thing about blogging is that 20 years ago we would have had to go to a library to read several books on a topic to learn what bloggers have now condensed in 500-700 words.  The information that we can now obtain from experts online is amazing. This is why I love blogs! 

It is no secret that my favorite thing in the world is makeup.  Even now when I go to the bookstores, I can never find a great deal of books on makeup.  However,  there are a lot of makeup blogs now! They all offer different things and information on their sites.  I have looked over most of the major makeup blogs and I have compiled my top 10 favorites and why. This is for all my blog lovers that need help finding some great blogs for makeup reviews and information regarding products and brands.

1)  The Beauty Brains is a great blog for several reasons.  The first is that the owners of this blog are both MEN!  Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller are both writers and cosmetic chemists.  Therefore, the blog is filled with a lot of useful information about all cosmetic products and their ingredients.  The second is it has interesting podcasts and forums on any cosmetic industry concerns.  Who knew that men knew so much about cosmetics? Go to www.thebeautybrains.com.

2) Makeup and Beauty Blog is owned by Karen, who needs no introduction. All you have to do is go to her website www.makeupandbeautyblog.com to see that she is a makeup blogging rock star! From the pictures to the great tutorials, this blog rocks all the way through. Her Youtube channel is equally amazing!

3) Shake Your Beauty is owned by Tia Williams. Tia is an author and former beauty editor for great beauty magazines such as Glamour, Elle, Lucky, and Essence. However, she is most notably remembered for writing, “Iman’s The Color of Beauty”, which celebrates beauty in all colors and nationalities. She was one of the first beauty bloggers on the scene. The site shares a lot of good information. Check it out at www.shakeyourbeauty.com

4) Glitter Gloss Garbage is a nice blog. It’s owned by April Coleman out of Jackson, Mississippi. I like her blog because it has reviews of all things makeup, but what I like most is that she has a list of popular blogs that she enjoys, as well. Check it out at www.glitterglossgarbage.com

5) Afrobella is very popular blog. It is owned by Patrice Grell Yursik, who is blogger celebrity. She has won The Black Weblog Awards more than once and she continues to rise in rank as one of the top African American blogs. She blogs about makeup and natural hair products for African American women. She may very well be considered an expert on blogging and natural hair at this point. Check it out at www.afrobella.com.

6) Untainted Beauty is a favorite of mine. It is owned by Allison Milligan. Allison blogs about beauty and fitness. I love her blog because it has the cutest theme and this blog encourages guest bloggers. Check out her site at www.untaintedbeauty.blogspot.com.

7) Huda Beauty is owned by Huda Heida Kattan. I love this blog because it is a great-looking blog and it has great tutorials. Check it out at www.hudabeauty.com.

8) Temptalia is a great blog because it has a foundation matrix to help you match your complexion with your foundation. Another great feature of the blog is the dupe list. Temptalia reviews most brands. Check out this blog at www.temptalia.com.

9) Makeup Mole is a great site and I love it because it is beautifully designed. The owner is Australian-born Christine Mielke, a makeup artist. Check it out at www.makeupmole.com.

10) Blinging Beauty is owned by Editor-in-Chief, Tracey Brown, an international makeup artist. The site has product reviews, but it also has contests from time to time. Check it out at www.blingingbeauty.com.

I hope I made your research easier. Enjoy!

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