Top Five Lessons I Learned From Renny Vasquez & Tatiana Ward



On Saturday, June 21, I attended Beauty and the Beat-Dallas, hosted by celebrity makeup artists Renny Vasquez and Tatiana Ward, also known as BeatFaceHoney on Twitter and Instagram.  They are currently on a multi-city tour to help train the next group of up and coming makeup artists. It was a wonderful experience.  The class was just big enough for artists to feel free to ask questions and to get to know Renny and Tatiana.  

Even though Renny and Tatiana had very interesting success stories, I found them both to be very genuine individuals.  Despite getting to the same destination at the same time, they both have two very different stories.  However, they offered the same advice for anyone looking to become a makeup artist in the future.  Here are their pearls of wisdom: 

1) Build relationships.  No matter what business you’re in, relationships will be an important factor in your business.  In order to be successful, you will need to practice building healthy business relationships.  In the makeup world, an amicable relationship with a client can turn into a great opportunity for the next job.  Todays interns are tomorrows bosses.  It is critical to your success to treat them all the same to help build a name for yourself in the industry.

2) Don’t let your excuses become your story.  Many people will have a dream or a goal, but fail to plan properly.  When the plan fails, all they can give you is a bunch of excuses why the plan didn’t work.  Renny says that when you’re really determined to succeed you will not allow anything to discourage you from your dream.  Excuses will keep you from becoming successful.  

3) Don’t worry about time.  Just do it right.  No one needs a makeup artist that is fast and ineffective.  I wouldn’t care how long a makeup artist takes if I walk away looking like perfection.  Renny states that a good makeup artist isn’t concerned with time.  They just want to get it right.  

4) Preparation helps you meet opportunity.  Little jobs can help you prepare for the big jobs.  Don’t turn down those free jobs or menial jobs.  Use those jobs as opportunities to help prepare you for your ultimate job.  Things don’t just happen by happenstance.  Prepare yourself for your big opportunity by doing all the little jobs that are going to lead you to the big one.

5) Demonstrate whats unique about you to your client.  If you’re on Instagram, you know that it is flooded with aspiring makeup artists and small boutiques trying to become the next big fish in a massive pond.  If you’re one of those makeup artists that wants to be the next best makeup artist in the game, then you need to do something that makes you stand out.  No one can tell you what is great about you, but you.  Figure it out and deliver it every single time to your clients.

If you’re aspiring to become a makeup artist and you’re not having much luck. try these five tips from Renny.  Don’t give up! If you’re interested in getting more information about Beauty and the Beat makeup class with Renny and Tatiana, you can go to www.beautyandthebeatmemphis.eventbrite.com



www.beatfacehoney.com and www.rennyvasquezmakeup.com

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