Top Five Reasons You have More Facebook Lurkers Than Likers



You ever wonder how you have 1500 Facebook friends, but you never hear a peep from half of them?  Then you post an amazing topic and leave it up for a week, but only 100 likes and barely any comments! What about the great pics you posted from the beach? Wait, I lost weight for those suckers just so I could post! Still, nothing!  

I have finally learned that no matter how great your posts and your pics are, there are still numerous people on your Facebook friends list that will never like or comment on your posts.  These people are habitual lurkers and they are happy as such.  They get on just to scroll through timelines, but you never know they’re there until they mention your post topics or pics in general conversation some where.  That’s how you know that these individuals are watching, but they are NEVER going to say anything.  There isn’t much you can do about it.  However, I have compiled a list of the main types of lurkers and the real reasons why they lurk.  Here goes:


1) Some FB friends are just nosey.  They don’t want you to know it, though.  They live for the drama, the break ups, the make ups, the gossip, and secret groups.  If it weren’t for Facebook, they would never know anything about anyone.  However, they must appear like they don’t care.  Don’t let them fool you.  They know everyone in their friends list and they can tell you their every move….if they post it on Facebook!

2) Some of your FB friends are afraid to appear stupid.  These are the friends with whom I sympathize.  Intelligent rants aren’t their strong suit.  Therefore, silence is their friend.  There is nothing you can do about it unless you want to go back and educate them.  Spelling might be a problem for them, as well.  They are probably a bit grammatically challenged, but it’s just safer to remain quiet.  Thus, they lurk.

3) Some of your exes are afraid of what their current spouses or significant others’ will say.  They are watching, too, you know? Your ex wants to comment on those throwback pictures you posted, but they can’t.  They know if they do, they will catch all kinds of crap from their significant other who peruses their page faithfully just to see if any exes are posting anything inappropriate.  They know ALL about you! To try to keep the peace, your ex just can’t! That’s why they have their friends do it! It’s called Ex-gate! You can’t win against ex-lurkers. Just cross them off your like list.  Not a bad idea to delete them just to keep the drama at a minimum. 

4) Some just lack confidence. They weren’t popular in school and they rarely talk to people now.  They still have a problem with their extreme shyness.  They want to connect, but they haven’t yet learned how. Wait on it! They might come around.

5) Some of your FB friends are groupies and not fans.  The case of groupie-gate is serious! Haters are real and they follow you on Facebook.  They don’t care anything about you, your life, or your struggle, but they follow you so they can witness firsthand.  Then, go back and discuss with their friends.  I call them groupies and not fans because don’t love the people they stalk; they just need something to talk about.  Facebook groupies aren’t any different.  No sense in deleting them either because they will just go to their friends page and lurk from there.  I kind of like my groupies because I make sure I give them plenty to discuss.  Never a dull moment on my page.

This is how you handle the above group of Facebook friends: accept them.  They might not be worth a good debate in a post, but they sure make your friends list look good. They aren’t a complete wash.  Revel in it.



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