Top Five Reasons You Should Try Ponch Cosmetics


Cosmetic brands are plentiful these days, which makes it cumbersome to find the right products. I am a product junkie! I generally try everything just to see what the real difference is in the products. If you are anything like me, you have tried just about everything. Additionally, I am finding more brands each week are displayed in drug stores, department stores, and various other retail outlets.

When I started Ponch Cosmetics, I knew I had to differentiate myself from other brands. What will be my USP (Unique Selling Point)? How can I connect with my customers? How will I get my customers to feel the same passion for my products as I feel?

Conversely, I have spent a lot of money on makeup over the years because I love it. However, I have never spent a ton of money on one item of makeup. After all, it is just makeup! Thus, the number one factor that was important to my brand is affordability. Next, I had to provide three more things that were important to me when I was searching for makeup. Those three things are: 1) color 2) options 3) quality.

Finally, I have the foundation for which to build my brand. Now, here are the things that make my brand special. These are five things that I pride myself for providing value in my products and the five things for which I stand. Individually, these things might not seem so special, but when grouped all together they make a powerful team and statement.

Affordability. Ponch Cosmetics is affordable and moderately priced, but remains full of quality.
Cruelty-free. I never owned a pet, but I still feel we must protect them.
Paraben-free. There has not been substantive evidence proving that parabens in cosmetics cause cancer, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
Color, Color, and more Color. Color is a major barrier and concern for women of color. We need options and variety. Ponch provides both.
Vitamin-rich. Many of my products are enriched with vitamins A, C, D, & E. What that means for my customers is more protection for their skin.

These are not just my selling points, these are facts related to my brand. Besides, I just answered most of your questions in one blog post. Are you ready to try Ponch yet?


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