What’s Halloween Costume Without Makeup?

Halloween can be one of the wackiest holidays of the year.  Let’s face it, you might see anything! It’s the one day of the year that you can be whomever you choose and no one questions your choice of hair color, clothes or makeup.  Imagination is the trick.  If it is the most creative time of year, then why dress up and use absolutely no imagination when it comes to your face?

For instance, how can one fully get into character as a witch without black lipstick and wing-tipped eyeliner?  Who believes a vampire that doesn’t have a pale face or blood oozing from their mouth? You get the picture yet?

You can try to be the Incredible Hulk without painting your face green, but who does that?  Halloween is a day for the outrageous. How do you create an outrageous image for Halloween? You transform your face from who are you to whom you wish to be.  If you’re fair skinned trying to be a dark-skinned character, then you must use makeup to create such a look.

Next Halloween, release your inner drag queen! Get some loud colors! The louder they are, the better!  If you think you have on enough, then you probably do not.  Add more!  Don’t stop until you become someone else that you do not recognize.  You don’t have a Halloween costume until you’ve added makeup!  Now get to work…

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